The Brothers Brower: Death Track

published Nov 2014 - 33,799 views

For the past few years, Kevin and Mitchell have had an idea to build a jump line similar to a freeride bike line. We have seen some cool tracks people have built in recent years, but we wanted to build one on a bigger scale with higher consequences. In the 2012 preseason, we had almost finished a track after 3 days of construction when a warm spell hit and melted all our jumps. This april, we finally regained our motivation and got to work. We couldn't have done it without the help of Patrik Suwak, Giray Dadali, Matt Heffernan, and Abner Wyman hiking 40 pound bags of salt up grizzly gulch and digging. We finally finished the 7 feature line after 2 weeks of digging, shaping, salting, snowing and more digging. We don't think we would do it again, but are proud to present to you the "Death Track."

Credit: The Brothers Brower

Skier: Kevin, Giray, Heff, Mitchell, Wabs, Pat

Location: Alta, Utah

Artist: The 2 Bears, Hot Sugar

Music: Work, The kid who drowned at summer camp



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