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After October's banging premiere screenings in Innsbruck and Oslo, The Trashparty's new born baby 'VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT' is ready to be shown to the world. After four seasons producing web episodes, the Oslo-based crew drops theirs first full length movie to be enjoyed by the masses for free. The goal was to make a ski movie contrasting the HD, slow-mo scramble experienced in the industry these days, and rather go back to the roots - portraying freeskiing at its core. This is partly reflected by the spots and style of riding, but also through exclusively shooting in 4:3, DV-format and Super 8mm film around Norway's most interesting locations. _________________________ Riders: Sig Tveit Mikael Luksepp Iver Håkonsen Thomas Reinkjøp Maria Hilde Magnus Nørsteng Chris Helberg Magnus Støre +++ Edited by: Chris Helberg Produced by: Magnus Støre Animations and graphics: Petter Richardsen Nordhagen Presented by: Burn Supported by: Junkyard, O'Neill, Oslo Vinterpark & Fri Flyt _________________________ For those of you who also portray snowboarding, we also co-produced a snowboard movie, 'LOGGEN GLITCH TAPES', together with Daniel Jacobsen. To be found on the very same web page! Best regards, Sig Tveit /// The Trashparty



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