The Malibu Fable

published Nov 2014 - 410 views

?What is your dream trip? When I saw Malibu Club up a remote fjord on the coast of BC Canada for the first time 6 years ago, and the sheer majesty of the peaks surrounding it, my dream trip came together in my head in an instant. I imagined staying at this amazing lodge with friends and family, having our own private helicopter parked outside on the lawn ready to take us into the mountains to explore and ski, and a boat to play with on the ocean. This past winter, my dream became a reality as my friend Willie Goldman, my wife Tessa and son Kasper joined me for one amazing tale, 'Malibu Fable'.?

Credit: Dendrite Studios

Skier: Dave Treadway, Willie Goldman

Location: Malibu, BC

Music: Josh Garrells

Big Mountain


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