Daniel Hanka | Extras

published Nov 2014 - 1,170 views

So thanks to Ettiene, who sent me some footage from Faction webisode shootings. I decided to use my Movie Maker and show my mad editing skills again to share this with you guys.. These trips were absolutely unforgetable. That is also the reason I made this... As you can see, some of the shots were already used, some not and it´s pretty long. I just thought that it would be worth it, to use most of the shots. And show you also some B roll and footage that would never be published.. (WHO CAN SPOT A FLYING PIECE OF SHIT IN THE VIDEO?) I would definitely like to thank Faction skis for great support and the whole team for the memories and good times! Hope to see you all soon! Follow my every move on instagram: @danielhanka

Credit: Etienne Merel, Blake Kimmel

Skier: Daniel Hanka

Location: Poland, France

Playtime: 00:03:35

Artist: Charlie Winston

Music: Like a Hobo



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