Happy Dayz (2002)

published Nov 2014 - 19,375 views

http://www.poorboyz.com From the company that brought you ?Propaganda,? the ?Peoples Choice? winner at ESPN?s Action Sports & Music Awards, comes a movie that captures the very embodiment of progressive skiing. Now is a time for blending style with innovation, speed with grace, veteran with rookie and backcountry with urban. Experience the revolution, where athletes push themselves beyond the edge of the imaginable taking you to skiing?s core culture. We live in extraordinary times, and you can experience them. These are ?Happy Dayz?. Featuring: Candide Thovex, Vincent Dorion, JF Cusson, Tanner Hall, Jon Olsson, Boyd Easley, CR Johnson, Mike Douglas, Evan Raps, Julien Regnier, JP Auclair, Shannon Schad, Phil Belanger, Phil Larose, Shane Szocs, Sarah Burke, Anthony Boronowski, Kristi Leskinen, Phil Poirier, Henrik Windstedt, Pep Fujas and more?.

Credit: Poor Boyz Productions

Playtime: 00:52:00

Music: punk, rap, metal



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