Panda Poles Season Highlight Reel (Part 1): Honor & Heart

published Sep 2014 - 201 views

In a world where honor has been replaced by greed. And in a time when the heart has been stifled by fear. There exists a tribe of skiers and snowboarders, whose only goal is to ensure their own happiness?And the happiness of those who surround them? These are the masters of play and the tellers of truth? Living in a place of fearlessness, and in a time of trust? They have no enemies outside of their own minds? They have no doubts in the goodness that exists? And they never take themselves too seriously... This is the Panda Tribe? These are spirits of Honor and warriors of the Heart... #TRIBEUP! Panda Poles Bamboo Ski Poles @Panda Poles #PandaPoles

Credit: TanSnowMan, Sander Hadley, Chuck Mumford

Skier: TanSnowMan, Sander Hadley

Location: Alta, Snowbird, Pebble Creek, Beartooth

Artist: Die Antwoord

Music: Enter the Ninja


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