Demo Day! (Volkl, Atomic, Salomon, Rossignal)

published Aug 2014 - 399 views

Demoing different types of skis for all mountain use. I spent a day in Breckenridge, CO demoing different types of skis. Among the all-mountain ski models were: Volkl Kendo - little bit of rocker in the tip, stiff, wide turn radius, heavy, could not hold carve under high speeds, skittered around a lot. Not a good ski in my opinion. Rossignal Sin 7 - Fair amount of rocker in tip, a small amount in the tail also. Medium flex, medium to short turn radius, medium weight, held edge well, fast, works great in deeper snow too. This ski is incredibly versatile. Salomon Q90 - little bit of rocker in the tip, stiff, medium to wide turn radius, heavy, held carve well but could not mix carve and skid turns well. Not particularly fast either. I disliked this ski every bit as much as the Volkl Kendo. Atomic Crimson - little bit of rocker in tip, stiff, heavy, long turn radius but can really turn quick when applying more forward pressure, held carve incredibly well and was very fast. My favorite all-mountain ski out of the ones I tried. And the park ski models: Salomon Rocker II - lots of rocker in tip and tail, center mount, short turn radius, very flexible, not too fast but is a very fun ski to mess around on and for park. Atomic Twins - (my skis) no rocker, center mount, medium-short turn radius, medium flex, faster than Rocker II and I can really whip them around in the trees. A very fun ski.

Location: Breckenridge



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