Tanner Hall Jibs Alaska In Re:Session - Blast From The Past Season 2 Episode 11

published Jul 2014 - 627 views

?When we add someone new to the team, it?s interesting to test it out and see how it works. Some people really excel and make the whole dynamic better, and Tanner did just that.? Sage had kind words for Tanner during the filmed of Re:Session, when Hall, already a legend, was getting more and more comfortable in the Alaska?s oversized terrain, and was becoming a solid addition to the TGR crew. As his line selection and mountain prowess improved, Tanner was able to bring more and more of his bottomless trick bag to the big mountains, throwing double backs, mistys, and switch 540s deep in the backcountry. Hall ends his Re:Session segment with some jumps from the park shoot at Steven?s Pass that would, unfortunately, result in two broken legs for the legendary skier, but which would ultimately prove the resolve Tanner has always had to ski to his full ability.

Skier: Tanner Hall


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