RELENTLESS - Full ski movie - 2014

published Apr 2014 - 680 views

Musikunat (not so) proudly presents their first (and last) ski ''movie'', Relentless. Due to a severe lack of interest in park skiing, this year we decided to concentrate purely on urban skiing. We tried to get the most out of it, and as a result we managed to get something done. Relentless is a product of vast boredom and lack of talent. Even after multiple crashes we didn't give up on sliding a rail on a pair of metal-edged planks. Sorry for not choosing your favorite type of music. Skiers: Henri Hämäläinen, Harri Hämäläinen, Valtteri Lohilahti, Tommi Korhonen Filmed on location at: Kuusamo and Posio, Finland Filmed by: All of us Edited by: Henri Hämäläinen I do not own any of the music featured in this video. I am not using the music in this video to make money, they are used for entertainment purposes only. All credit goes to their owners and performers.

Skier: Henri, Harri, Valtteri, Tommi

Location: Finland

Playtime: 00:14:07

Music: ''Where's the rap music? 0/5''



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