Blade Nation - Inside The Blader Zone

published Mar 2014 - 3,196 views

The second instalment of Blade Nation season 2. Coming right to your optic nerve from Switzerland! I didn't think we were taking this so seriously, but it looks like we have seasons now. So that's pretty fruity. But I guess we all progressed so far over the first "season", to become the most highly skilled Bladers on the whole entire mountain. So its probably justified. This is all filmed in Verbier at the famous One Piece Descent. Don't even try to front on our skills homie. Don't be messin with the Blade Killa, Im the number one thrilla, got flows like vanilla, and tricks like Godzilla, I'm the gorilla in your filla shots, I'm the sub zero blade robot, the possessor of mad skills, thrower of sick thrills, a style so nauseating you'l need sea sick pills. "The key to Blading is to always, ride it out" - Jack Wildeblade


Skier: Blade Killa, Jack Wildeblade, Side Air Mike

Location: Verbier


Music: Kenny Loggins-Danger Zone, BladeStreetBoizz Remix

Big Mountain


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