Young, Drunk, and In Love with Skiing in BC

published Feb 2014 - 1,090 views

First things first, filmmaker Graeme Meiklejohn has a divine mustache. It's somewhere between 80's porn auteur and Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean: a little rakish, a little nasty, kind of cuddly, and all business. Meiklejohn brings us along as he and his friends crisscross the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, stopping off at Whistler and Okanagan, for alternate rounds of drinkin' and skiin'. He has a playful, DIY style that evokes the best of both documentary and music video with a dash of high school confessional and it works wonderfully here. There is nothing so enjoyable as the beauty and gusto of youth portrayed beautifully and with dollops of youthful gusto.

Credit: Graeme Meiklejohn

Skier: McNutt Riddle Mack Rob D'artois Dane Colin & crew

Location: BC



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