The Very First Ever Boardercross

published Feb 2014 - 404 views

In 1991, my old friend Greg Stump and I were completing 8 segments of "Greg Stump's World of Extremes" for FOX TV. We were shooting segment #7, and extreme ski contest at Blackcomb BC, with no idea of what we were going to do for #8. I had this idea in the back of my head for a long time about building a motocross style course for skiers, or maybe even snowboarders. After spending about 24 hours with a cat driver, trying to figure out how to push banked turns out of snow, we had created the 1st ever Boardercross course. Greg's accountant, John Graham spat out the name Boardercross, we grabbed onto that, and the rest is history. Here's that TV segment.

Credit: Greg Stump & Steven Rechtschffner

Location: Whistler Blackcomb



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