Let it Flow - movie teaser

published Dec 2013 - 1,334 views

available on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/let-it-flow-the-b-e-movie/id729603834 Let It Flow is the fulfillment of eleven months of common pleasure and hard work directed from a group of people whom dedicate their souls towards the growth of skiing. This movie showcases full creative freedom within the circle of skiing, filming, editing and music direction to sum up their great season. They travel from neighborhoods to states to countries to continents with a revolutionist state of mind in search of better and more clever ways to flow thru life with their chosen skill. The soundtrack is original and specially built for the movie which is rounded up with the editing expertise of the skiers themselves, Henrik 'EDollo' Harlaut and Phil 'B-Dog' Casabon. Original Soundtrack available at: https://itunes.apple.com/mz/album/let-it-flow-original-soundtrack/id727629510

Credit: Inspired Media Concepts

Skier: Phil Casabon aka B Dog and Henrik Harlaut aka eDol

Location: worldwide

Music: Produced by Riga/Hemp Higher Productions



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