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For more information visit ! Music: J Sigsworth - You Know I Know, Nordic Hooligans is a passion project produced by VeVe Media. Our team consists of four skiers, director, DOP, aerial cinematographer and a producer. We?re sick of complicated projects where there is too many skiers and the production team lacks the golden mean. Our goal is to do a strong independent cinematic movie with a solid visual outcome starting from how to light the spots to the soundtrack. We try to avoid all the cliché ways to film a ski movie, we?re trying to invent a whole new approach to carry out this movie that we guarantee it?s going to be something new! We?re collaborating with some of the most interesting young finnish artists for the soundtrack! After recovered from last winters injuries our skiers are excited to start this new project and so is the production team! We have a bright and coherent idea of how to achieve the results we want and can?t wait to get the shootings started!

Credit: VeVe Media

Skier: Venalainen, Niemi, Mikkonen, Poikonen

Location: Finland

Playtime: 00:02:52

Artist: J Sigsworth



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