Dashiell Dryden 2012 Self Edit

published Oct 2012 - 117 views

Sorry about the Wondershare icon! The video files were infected and i had to fix them with that app and they put that icon on the clips! And sorry for the bad quality! Wasn't my camera! Also so sorry about the bad tricks! I lost all the footage with the good tricks.....:( But i was bored and i wanted to edit so here is my 2012 self edit! Edited by myself Dashiell Dryden! Filmed by Jackson Mort! I am currently unsponsored but this video wont change that! I will have many more edits next season with my new and banger tricks! So be on the lookout for those!

Credit: Jackson Mort

Skier: Dashiell Dryden

Location: Hickory Hills - Traverse City, Michigan

Playtime: 00:02:18

Artist: Iamisee

Music: Hello



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