At Your Service Trailer

published Aug 2012 - 4,095 views

Everyone was expecting it, Here it is ! We are proud to announce our new production, to be released soon, «At Your Service». And for you to get even more excited about it, here is our teaser. Our team from Haute-Savoie is back to serve you a piece of cake, tasting like a bonfire of good sensations coated with sweetness, like a good powder day? "At Your Service" takes you to the heart of the action, and most of all makes you feel how riders and cameramen share the same emotions. Like a collection of short stories, the movie tells how they live together and share the joys and the hassles of the everyday, the trips, the exhaustion, the laughter... And how one has to be able to see with the eyes of the other, to the point he becomes him, to catch this magic moment when the light shines. And thus give us, through the images, the sensation of being the one flying over the mountain...

Credit: PVS company

Skier: Europe rider

Location: around the world

Playtime: 00:03:02

Artist: pvs company

Music: pvs company



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