Braedon Miguel & Malcolm @ Grouse

published Feb 2012 - 1,034 views

follow me on twitter> Grouse Mountain's weather is quite predictable, snowy, cloudy, foggy. but i decided to go with it instead of waiting for clouds to pass as usual. We met up with Braedon Wheeler, Malcolm MacDougall, and Miguel Rodden to shoot a couple laps through the park as the light was dying. Heres what came of it. Skiiers (in order): Miguel Rodden, Malcolm MacDougall, Braedon Wheeler Thanks to Richard Dalgleish for that extra angle Camera: canon 60d x2 lenses: canon 18-200, nikon 11-16 Edit: Final Cut Pro Color: Magic Bullet Looks

Credit: cole graham and richard dalgleish

Skier: Braedon Wheeler, Miguel Rodden, Malcolm MacDougall

Location: Grouse

Playtime: 00:02:57

Artist: wutang



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