All Good in Da Hood.

published Sep 2011 - 309 views

Things you should know before watching: Yes, its abit long. Yes, I know my skiing sucks. Skied maybe 15-20 times before this video. Yes, I made it in iMovie and you can blatantly see what transitions I used. Yes, I'm a Gaper. Got called one many a time. Aint fussed. I'm learning. Yes, This video makes me feel good watching it, I had an unforgettable time at MtHood and will be able to take the shit I learned anywhere around the world. A thanks to the people who know. Bring on the winter with family, great friends and great snow. Lee

Credit: Me, most of the time.

Skier: Me, most of the time.

Location: MtHood most of the time.

Playtime: 00:11:39



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