Skiing and Snowboarding at Bear Mountain Snow Summit and Mountain High

published Apr 2011 - 2,821 views

Tfpictures - Snowboarding and Skiing at Bear Mountain, Snow Summit, and The Mountain High Cholula Triple Air Show by Think Feel Pictures.

The first half of the video features George Brooks, Jon Kiester, Alex Appelbe, Danny Pink, Brendan Clarke, and Patrick Clarke.

The second half is the 2010 Mountain High Cholula Triple Air Show. Open Men Snowboarders: 1st Trevor Jacob, 2nd Daniel Toumarkine, 3rdTyler Anderson. Open Men Skiers: 1st Lars Ellington, 2nd Jeff Johnson, 3rd Robby Burleson. Open Women Snowboarders: 1st Stacie Anderson, 2nd Nirvana Ortanez, 3rd Isabelle Lalive

Editing - David Meador - The editing was done in Final Cut Pro and the credits were made in After Effects.
Camera Setup - GoPro HD Helmet HERO camera and Panasonic DVX100b
Songs - Half Mast by Empire of the Sun. Welcome Wagon by Fang Island. Mood Swings by Jeff's Holiday

Credit: David Meador

Skier: George Brooks, David Meador, and others

Location: Bear Mountain, Snow Summit, Mountain High



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