Icer Air 2008

published Oct 2008 - 6,226 views

Well, guess it was the sign of the times! Icer Air 2008 struggled with financing this year and introduced the "Sling-shot Catapult", much to some of the Pro's dismay - and some wondering if it was worth their career to take such a chance! The lack of snow made it more precarious and with 80-degree temps, the battle was lost from the get-go. The boys all decided to move forward and it appears no major cracked skulls or bruised egos were evident. Crowd was pretty low; two other major events were running the same day in the city. Still, it is a must see for anyone with the cajones for winter sports. Enjoy the vid. OUT!

Credit: Robert E.

Skier: Simon, Sammy, Colby J.W., Colby A., Bobby, Michael

Location: San Francisco, CA

Playtime: 00:03:22



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