Lakeridge Snowpark in Shredsauce (not finished)

published Aug 2023 - 68 views

Play here:

Ive spent quite a lot of hours working on this map. Its a re-creation of @lakeridgesnowparks in @shredsauce Still NOT FINISHED (but mostly done) with the map. Still a top and bottom section to go! Im currently working on a re-creation for @travis.white07 on this map which I'll prob drop in the next few days so stay tuned!

Map name: Lake Ridge Snow Park

Play in night mode: Type the cheat "nightmodetesting" in the main menu settings cheat bar and there will be a toggle for day/night below the name when opening the map.

Warning: Some features are kinda hard to hit if you arent used to skinnier rails.

Playtime: 00:00:15



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