HYLAND feat. Keegan Kilbride & Will Berman | NS ORIGINALS 1.4

published Mar 2023 - 4,244 views

Keegan wanted to get away from the showstopper parks of the west coast and film his NS Originals somewhere a little different. Hyland Hills, Minnesota provided the perfect backdrop for a classic edit, inspiring for those of us who don't have access to the biggest hills and greatest parks. The fourth in the inaugural NS Originals Series, Hyland showcases two of the smoothest underground guys in the game.

"e$ has shot and cut every Keegan ski park video you’ve seen - it used to feel good, no matter the views, likes or comments, we knew our shit was cool - so we put it on NS." - Keegan Kilbride

Filmed & Edited: Cam Willis & Ethan Timmons

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