TST 2.2 - Usual Suspects

published Feb 2023 - 3,490 views

Back in the groove of things, in MN over Thanksgiving and Christmas on home turf with the good homies. Sliding yellow and blue steel for your entertainment yet again.

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Music: George Clanton - Never Late Again

Editing: Nick Schoess

Filming: Nick Schoess

Additional Filming: Drew Ahlstrom

Graphic Design/Titles: Sam Lobinsky

Skiing in order of appearance: Kian Barrett, Mike Kennedy, Nick Schoess, Matt Wunderlich, Adam Peterson

Special Thanks: Newschoolers, Twig, Scott and Sean @ ON3P, Tall T Daniel, Cory Trevor and Dan Pinewski, Aaron Hunter, Karl, Kael, Nate and all of the Colab homies, all of the Utah homies, Valerie Schoess, Sam Lobinsky, Kian Barrett, Drew Ahlstrom, Matt Wunderlich, Adam Peterson, Mike Kennedy, Marty, Marsha Hovey Adam Mahler and everyone at Trollhaugen



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