HUSSLE & MOTIVATE with Henrik Harlaut

published Jan 2023 - 5,058 views

This is my first year where I am prioritizing the filming aspect over the competitive side and since I am still a competitive person, I set up a goal to be able to film a full street part before end of January.

Unfortunately this year haven’t been a very snowy year in Europe so it has been a bit more hustle than usual to make it happen but with lil extra motivation I was able to take quick stike missions to piece together this part. Along the way I had a bad crash and broke my hand/wrist but didn’t get it check out until I was finished with part.

Generally in skiing we shoot all year and release it in the fall but I love how it works on the skateboard side of things where skaters shoot separate parts and release it when they are done and move on to the next. That’s my new goal, we still gonna do a Harlaut apparel movie at the end of the year so now I will start to shoot for that.

Filmed by:
Kristofer Fahlgren
Pepe Sanchez
Ethan Cook

Additional filming by:
Emil Granöö
Noah Albaladejo
Cody Laplante
Niklas Eriksson
Charlie Mcsnowbor
Oscar Harlaut

Skiing & Edited by:
Henrik “Dollo” Harlaut

Music by:
Thrill - Dark
Saft - Fjosvise
Westside Gunn - Claiborne kick
Cartier William - Tap dance
Westside Gunn - Le Djoliba

Voice over by:
Benny The Butcher



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