The Documentary | DaniHell Hanka Invitational 2022

published Jan 2023 - 3,282 views

In March 2022, the inaugural Danihell Hanka Invitational welcomed twelve unique skiers from across the freeski spectrum to Daniel Hanka’s home resort of Destne, Czechia. Their mission: to enjoy a week-long, no-rules session on a special park setup envisioned by Daniel, and to bring back a touch of the flavor and style from the times before skiing was dominated by rules, regulations and organizations.

“With this invitational, I would love to bring back the old-school park session and do an event that will actually satisfy the core of our ski community,” says Daniel. “My skiing is really character oriented, so I would like to appreciate all the other skiers that are working this way. That’s pretty much the point of the Danihell Hanka invitational.

Video made by: Erwan Lier
Instagram: @kekous

”Made possible by:
Oakley - Walter Gianni, Jan Dvorak
Horsefeathers - Tomas Koudela
Skicentrum Destne - Petr Prouza, Hanzi Prouza, Týna Řezníčková - Ethan Stone - Twig Spensley, Milo McSenderson

Big shoutout to everybody involved who helped to make the first DaniHell Hanka Invitational happen:

YourPark Shapers crew:
Stanislav Ježek, Jan Ježek, Petr Marčík, Michael Derunov, Jakub Ungrád, Jakub Hejduk

Cat drivers:
David Krejčí, Patrik Kříž, Jakub Hejduk

All the riders and filmers, Karolina Řeháková, Rafael Regazzoni, Vojta Sulanský, Erwan Lier, Hai Yen, Jara Sijka, Kluci s Dronem, David Kakud, Linda Nováková, Kamil Feifer, Jiří Lubínek, David Pavlíček, The AC/DC Tribute band, Bar Dvojka.

00:00 - 00:45 Intro
00:46 - 05:13 - The Concept
05:14 - 07:04 - The Boner Box
07:05 - 09:11 - Cruise'n'Roll
09:12 - 11:29 - Thoughts On This Kind Of Events
11:30 - 13:00 - Shredder Of The Week
13:31 - 14:27 - Outro

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Credit: Erwan Lier

Location: Czech Republic



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