5 Questions With - Jossi Wells

published Dec 2022 - 13,083 views

Jossi has been around since the 'golden days' and finally took an X Games gold of his own on what must be a record 24th attempt. He's been to the Olympics for pipe and slopestyle, filmed countless movie parts, and is unquestionably one of the most stylish, recognizable skiers out. Currently crushing it in the backcountry with the Deviate crew, Jossi has made a full transition from comp skier to backcountry boss. He's recovered from more injuries than we care to count, become an endurance cyclist, kills on a skateboard, and. if Instagram is to be believed, become something of a Masterchef to boot. Here's five questions with the Zero Spin god, presented by Dragon Alliance.

Cover Photo: Josh Bishop
Edit: Beau-James Wells


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