The 10 Greatest Ski Edits of All Time

published Jul 2022 - 828 views

The discussion over what ski edit is the greatest of all-time has raged on since the dawn of Newschoolers. So this summer, we figured we'd put the issue to bed. We called on our audience to vote on their favorites from our top 20. We then pitted the top 8 against each other in a head-to-head bracket, voted by our members. Now, without further ado, we present the top 10 Greatest Ski Edits of All Time, as chosen by you.

Footage courtesy of the following, use the links below to watch the full edits:

Rainy Days - Skiing: Dale Talkington. Film: Evan Williams

Rob A Bank To Get Rich - Skiing: Antti Ollila, Valentin Hänninen. Film: Keesh

Welcome To Jiberish - Skiing: Sean Jordan, Clayton Vila. Film: Stept Studios

One Of Those Days - Skiing: Candide Thovex, Aziz Benkrich. Film: Candide Thovex, Aziz Benkrich

Jiberish: A Walk In The Park - Skiing: Adam Delorme. Film: Tony Dryer

FUCK! - ClownSchool - Film: Evan Heath

Slumdog Illionaire - Skiing: Simon Dumont. Film: Drew Lederer

Sovereign - Skiing: Jake Carney, Connor Warnock. Film: Ryan Braun

Tom Wallisch SuperUnknown - Skiing: Tom Wallisch. Film: Level 1

Team America JOSS ’09 - Skiing: Tom Wallisch, Simon Dumont. Film: Josh Berman (Level 1), Tyler Hamlet (Poorboyz Productions)


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