WTRP: Grouse

published Mar 2022 - 3,623 views

Grouse is a very special place to all of us. We tried to capture some of the fun times that we had during the first half of February. As always, Anywhere with the right people. Hope you enjoy.

Riders in order of appearance:
Will Penrose, Alex Thucydides, Mark Bramwell, Cole Deyman, Mikee French, Lexi Pence, Aidan Mani , Eric Moores, Kevin Xu, Nick Thucydides, Leif Wilson, Steven Kahnert, Tyler Crickmore-Thompson, Nick Saunders, Austin de St Croix, Stephen Siska, Mitch Steven, Andre Dreyer, Evan Friesen, Jordan Holonko, Ben Lynch. @_chef_boyardee__

Filmed mostly by Nick and Alex Thucydides and Josh Martin. Thank you to everyone else who pointed a camera or was riding with us.



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