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Jun 22nd - 696 views

Alec Henderson
Mitch Steven
Andre Dreyer
Stephen Lindsay-Ross
Cameron Smith

Cut: Stephen Lindsay-Ross

Hunned Bandz -Tanukichan
123, (ABC's) After Nine - Kingpin Skinny Pimp

Back to Formula

by chef_boyardee
Mar 9th - 5.7K views

Austin Brainard, Ben Lynch, Alex Thucydides, Nick Hamilton, Tyler Crickmore-Thompson, Nick Thucydides, Austin de St Croix, Aidan Mani, Mark Bramwell, Will Penrose



by chef_boyardee
Feb 2021 - 4.3K views

Went skiing made a video. Enjoy

Skiing by Kai Martin, Andre Dreyer, Will Penrose, Evan Bush, Alec Henderson, Cole Isfan, Ben Lynch, Steven Kahnert, Leif Wilson and Mitch Steven

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by chef_boyardee
May 2020 - 15K views

Filmed at Grouse Mountain terrain parks and Mt. Seymour backcountry during the Spring

Big thanks to Grouse Mountain Park Crew and Granite apparel


El Camino Negro - Tommy Guerrero

Squad I Trust - Chief Keef

Settle Down - Lunchtime Band

Sunday Morning - Amanaz


by chef_boyardee
Jun 2019 - 14.2K views

A short film depicting all the fun times we had throughout the season, filmed mostly at Grouse from January to May 2019.

Featuring skiing from Nick Hamilton, Leif Wilson, Alex Thucydides, Ben Lynch, Steven Kahnert, Kai English, Davis Mulder, Harry Smethurst, Will Penrose, Mitch Steven, Nick Thucydides, Jonas Hjohlman, Josh Martin, and many others.

Big thank u to everyone who was in front of a camera, behind a camera, or supported us in any way. Shout out to parents and grouse park crew.
Edited by Nick Thucydides and filmed with lots of additional help from the boys.

Sexy Time

by chef_boyardee
Dec 2020 - 5.2K views

The boys take a TRIP to whis to film for home country

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Kai Martin, Steven Kahnert, Andre Dreyer, Alec Henderson, Leif Wilson, Skye clarke, Mitch Steven, Cole isfan, Ben Lynch, Will Penrose, Alex Thucydides, Julien chartrand