Nomadic, Quebec

published Aug 2021 - 2,863 views

Skiing wayfarer Jeremy Goldie roams the streets of Quebec in search of
worthy handrails and unique urban features. Despite an unstable ankle
pending Ligament reconstruction, he is still able to get content in
between multiple rollings and a lot of ice and elevation. From solo
tripod missions, to linking with videographers, to adventuring with a
winch, this is his pandemic street skiing season.

Shot by Jeremy Harvey - Raph Sevigny - Joel Lampron - Fabienne Trudel -
William Auger - F-O Jutras - Brenden Mueller - Albert Lacroix
Edited by Jeremy Harvey

Big thanks to Phil Casabon allowing me to ski aluminum, Raph Sevigny for
all the invaluable camera knowledge, Island Of Pines x Siempre for some
stylish clothing, Prospecteurs for the opportunity to film, learn and
ski with the best, Icelantic for the pow sticks and William Auger for
busting out the winch!

Music - collection of songs from Pink Floyd, The Wall



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