Juho Kilkki Mic'd Up

published Aug 2021 - 2,890 views

A paid collab with Valio Academy.

Street skiing is a niche sport. But it can still be versatile, colorful and full of nuances. It's a sport and an art that you can make your own. That's why street skiing deserves to be portrayed in rich ways. You don't need to have tons of equipment and crazy spots to go out there. You don't need to be all serious and only do it at night. Grab your friends or even go by yourself and go do it your way. Just because we have a narrow image of something doesn't mean we should stick to it.

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Credit: Juho Kilkki, Janne Korpela, Ali Uura, Olga Kilkki,

Skier: Juho Kilkki

Location: Jyvaskyla, Finland


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