The Bunch - Longing for Áhkká Trailer

by TheBunch
Feb 15th - 1.3K views

"Longing for Áhkká", an award-winning documentary feature film, tells the compelling story of two blood-related Arctic expeditions, united in their quest to conquer the summit of Stortoppen, the highest peak of the Áhkká mountain massif within Stora sjöfallet National Park, Sweden.

In 1921, Arthur Thelin fulfilled his lifelong dream by participating in the first recorded expedition to Áhkká and Stortoppen, chronicling his experiences in his journal, with key moments captured through the lens of legendary photographer Borg Mesch.

One century later, in 2021, professional freeskier Magnus Granér embarks on a journey to retrace his great-grandfather Arthur's steps, accompanied by his filmmaking friends, to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the original expedition.

Total emission: 4.58 tonnes CO2e
The Bunch has made conscious choices to lower the carbon footprint of this production and balanced any remaining emissions by 200%.

Lappin' 4.2: Avila

by SkiTheEast...
Feb 13th - 1.6K views

The Ski The East crew north of the border takes over the parks at Avila / Saint Sauveur. Avila is the stomping grounds of some of the gnarliest skiers in the game. Fueled by Tim-Bits and good vibes, our Quebequois friends slay the Avila park in this installment of Lappin.

Subaru of New England presents Lappin': Season 4, the 17th annual production by Ski The East.

A Ski The East Web Series
Proudly Supported by:][/url]][/url]

Mat Dufresne | Simon St. Michel | Dom Roberts | Tom Galarneau | Tom Gallon | Nicholas Gosselin | Phil Boily-Doucet

Shot On Location At Avila, QC

Filmed By: Pat Sheils and Xavier Mayrand
Edited By: Pat Sheils

Music It's a Fine Day - Opus III

MTL 2 - A Street Skiing Film

by Mayrandpodcast
Feb 13th - 3.1K views

Another street skiing exploration of Montréal, with Québec's new generation of talent

Supported by J skis, LINE skis, Newschoolers and Axis boardshop
Directed by Xavier Mayrand
Starring Mat Dufresne, Phil Boily-Doucet and Paul Vieuxtemps

Official selection at High Five festival 2023
Official selection at IF3 festival 2023
Nominated for best urban segment (Mat Dufresne) at IF3 movie awards 2023

Joel Liimatainen | 2323

by Line_Skis
Feb 12th - 2.1K views

In the words of Joel: "2323 is my two-year street skiing solo project. It takes the viewer on a video game-type journey through music and skiing! 💜🎮💜"

2024 4FRNT Team Edit

by 4FRNT
Feb 12th - 147 views

Shaping Skiing since 2002. We value style and creativity in skiing over medals and podiums. Our Team Rider's value is not defined by social followers but by an impact on their surrounding ski community. We stacked some of our favorite clips from the past two seasons that highlight their skiing. Enjoy!

We Both Won Xgames Medals!!

Feb 12th - 2.6K views

Sorry for the video delay! We just had too much fun at X :)

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Featuring: Alex Hall, Hunter Hess, Owen Dahlberg, Mac Forehand, Konnor Ralph, Max Moffat, Quinn Wolferman, Daniel Bacher, Ecook, and Nico Porteous.

Thanks @XGames

Back Pain continues

by knife_junker
Feb 12th - 148 views

In this episode we follow the disico guys to Miros old home mountain serena for some epic skiing and good times. Unfortunately miros back still has not recovered from the severe injury he had in november while putting his socks on. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Smokin Beats ‎– I Feel Good (Smokin Beats Disco Club) (faster tempo)

Disico alpedit

by knife_junker
Feb 11th - 188 views

Thank you all :)

Made by:
Joonatan Roiha

Jump up quickly, Mungo's Hifi ft. Soom T
Mother Nature, Elijah Prophet
747(radio edit), Kent


by CistGamp
Feb 10th - 216 views

Just some leisurely skiing with some friends out in Colorado.

Music -

One Fine Day - The Chiffons
Da Doo Ron - The Crystals
Then he Kissed Me - The Crystals


Arapahoe Basin
Winter Park

Bonus was at Jack Frost PA

(HVX clippers)

by Dometopi
Feb 10th - 187 views

Made this cut from some unused clips of fischer nightstick shooting filmed by
Skis Fischer nightstick 104

My first bench slide :)

by skiermen
Feb 8th - 404 views

During the last snow I saw this bench perfectly placed for some slides, but due to unfortunate circumstances I didn't have my skis. Then a new snow came along and I went back to get it done. Built a jump-up and had a great time.

R.I.P. A-51

Feb 7th - 220 views

still struggling with knee problems, so gonna keep posting old A-51 edits... this was during winter 12-13