by buldozgang
Nov 23rd - 21.5K views

Y in french means (other than being a letter from the alphabet) : Doing a wheely or being destroyed.

Skiing :
Blasco | @blaso_annexe
Sleepy | @sleepy.grill
Benjaman | @benjamincopt
Sampo | @samwallot
Gilles | @grillest
Isaac | @ez_pvnda

Julius | @champ_jul
Tyndall | @tyndallwells
Remco |
Jack | @crackjack
Luca | @versatshee
Valentin | @vmorel_
Noah | @noahalbaladejo
JB THE B | @jbmyo
Alice | @yalicee_
Daniel | @doosli
Eirik | @krypto_skier
Jonathan | @determigjonathan
Vintmer | @vilmerivarsson
Espen |

Special thanks to :
Harlaut Apparel

Black Crows

American homies
Swedish homies
Finnish homies
Norwegian homies
Canadian homies
Country who are neighbours to Switzerland, homies


Marcel aka the Steve Jobs of snowpark

Knuckle Mag
Ski culture
Psy du ski
High Five
Liberty Cap
Katie Gerber (RIP)


Edit by:
Blasco (Street)
Remco (Riskgränsen)

3D by:

Filming by:

Karma - Waka Flocka Flame
Robot repair - Fred Karlin

Karma again
Sky - Takashi Toyoda
World Map 3 Sea Side - Super Mario Bros. 3
6.35 - Jul
World Map 4 Big Island - Super Mario Bros. 3
No i'm Not Dat Nigga - Triple Six Mafia
Putem in a Oakbox - Evil Pimp
Saria's Song - Ocarina of Time
Dat Way - Tay-k
Morning Sun (DJ Normal 4 Remix) - Persian


by El_Spatula
Nov 22nd - 1.2K views

UNTITL3D is a Backcountry ski film filmed winter 2022 in Whistler, Vancouver and Revelstoke British Colombia. By Lucas Reid Thanks to everyone who made this possible

Beavus x OS at Hood

by Keegs.
Nov 22nd - 108 views

Re-edit of Beavus @ Hood. We were blessed by the ski gods and got hooked up with 4 folders of clips from the Juice man himself.

Riders Instagrams: @get_juiced_ @zac.sureman @erectile_chrisfunction @bskeeze_ @huckfallrepeat @cig_smeller @joeburrr @thebluetractorman @masonkennedy @nopejust.aden @hann_wolff @the_skian_eats @skeegs_ob @paulwall._

Filmed By: Ian Russell, Keegan O'Brien, Justin Kennedy, Hannah Wolff

Edited By: Keegan O'Brien

Songs Used:
"Lumberjack" - Johnny Cash
"Pictures of Girls" - Wallows
"Deviljews" - Zalem Delarbre
"The Breeze" - Dr. Dog
"Robot Stop" - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

For My Dawgs

by CGMedia
Nov 22nd - 119 views

“cold is just a mindset”This video is from Spring 2021 at Timberline on Mt Hood, good times were had and many research missions went down with soldiers all over the area.
Riders : Kaleb Brusa, Sky Hardesty, Chris Johnson, Connor Goodwille, Austin “Swaggy” Burke, Carson Faure, Pavel Drozdyuk, Tristan Fountain, Luke Lozowski, Parker Clarkson

Edit by : Clayton Greenberg

Filmed by : Clayton Greenberg, Sky Hardesty, Chris Johnson


Action Bronson , The Alchemist - Dmtri

Conway the Machine, The Alchemist - 14 KI’S

[skix4k] Special Treat @ Woody's/Btown

by Skix4k
Nov 22nd - 412 views

Early Season 2022 @ Woodward PC/Btown.
Panasonic cx350/xtreme
Additional Angles: Taylor Lundquist x Kale Cimperman
Film/Edit: [skix4k] Patrick Ring
I forgot to add Jed Blue Waters as a skier because I am fried, so here he stands alone in description.


by K2
Nov 22nd - 615 views

THE FL3X Collection | Chosen for performance and comfort, this boot collection is ridden by the best in the world. Watch Tom Wallisch, Keegan Kilbride, Taylor Lundquist, Birk Irving, and Phil Casabon hit up springtime Mammoth Mountain for classic sunny park laps with the crew. #K2FL3X #K2snow


by raw_dawgg
Nov 22nd - 205 views

Made the most of the first snow last week and spent an hour half assing some tube clipz.... Most fun I've had in months

CzechMate Ep.4 | Working Out

by DanielHanka
Nov 21st - 7.6K views

The long-awaited finale of CzechMate season 1. is finally here. This time in a form of a tiny movie. From fresh corduroy of Livigno jumps we've seen in Ep.3 we'll make switch into what most of us like the most - the slushy spring shredding. This time we sticked around Innbruck's famous spot Nordkette for the last week of the season in Austria. After Nordkette closed it's gates for good, we roadtripped to Switzerland, where we spent a great time in the Alaia glacier park. Now please enjoy the CzechMate season 1 finale.

We would like to thank everybody that has been following this video project. We really appreciate the love and support. It really means a lot to us!

Big THANK YOU to you all - from Czech with love

Danihell & Simba.


CzechMate is supported by: Horsefeathers, Newschoolers, Snowpanic and Daniel`s and Simon`s big hearts.

#danielhanka #simonbartik #czechmate

LINE Traveling Circus 15.2 - Chopped and Screwed

by Line_Skis
Nov 21st - 1.3K views

For the second episode of season 15, Andy, Will, and Jake travel to Switzerland to meet with longtime friend and legend Sami Ortlieb for some back-yard booling. The crew has skied in Sami's backyard before (Swiss Cheese Socks, anyone?), but they wanted to be extra creative with it this time around. From Project Hinge to the APS system to X-Games Olympic quality never been done before tricks, the crew continues leading the way as the unconventional, creative skiers they are in episode 15.2, Chopped and Screwed!

Choppers and Screwers:
Andy Parry
Sami Ortlieb

Andy Parry
Sami Ortlieb
Will Wesson
Migi Reibenshuh
Kai Mahler
Jake Strassman

Film: Jake Strassman, Will Wesson, Sami Ortlieb
Edit: Jake Strassman

Züricher Altstadt by Berner Liedertafel
Rauschgift by Welt Star
Even If It's True by Paula

Year to Year at Alta

by wamas
Nov 20th - 244 views

A collection of clips from the 22/23 season. Grateful to have the support from Moment Skis and keep skiing with friends this season!

Song: Year to Year - Yaeji & OHHYUK

Couples Retreat

by fredyferl
Nov 20th - 3.1K views

Isabelle Lacour and Fred Ferland spent two winters skiing in the streets of Quebec and Ontario to bring you Couples Retreat.

Supported by Newschoolers.

UNDERGROUND - official version

by tchad01
Nov 19th - 111 views

UNDERGROUND is a urban skiing & snowboarding movie in Quebec starring Tchad Lemay, Nathan Paradis, William Tanguay, Charles Renaud, Pierre-Yves Guérard, Alex Gourde, Xavier Pothier, Maxime Rivard, Jonathan Morissette and Alexis Chagnon.

Irresponsible Zooms

by peterpants
Nov 19th - 75 views

Bought a camcorder this year and this is everything that didn't end up in the Castle Christmas Special. Tried to make something a bit longer to show a bit mo...

Legendary Powder Segment - Drop Everything (2017)

by Matchstick
Nov 19th - 131 views

This week's Segment Saturday features 3 Matchstick legends! Mark Abma, Eric Hjorleifson and Chris Rubens shred some of the deepest powder of their lives in this all-time pow segment.

Let us know what segment you want to see next week! Sound off in the comments below.


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by Matchstick
Nov 18th - 123 views

In this exclusive full segment from "Anywhere From Here" Mark Abma and Lucas Wachs meet up with legendary surfers Mathea Olin and Kalum Temple for the trip of a lifetime: Surfing and skiing in the same location on Vancouver Island British Columbia. This segment was a crowd favorite on tour, and it's easy to see why.

Abma sums up this "unicorn of a trip" perfectly:

"To score good snow, good waves and clear skies on Vancouver island within a short timeline required the stars to align.We saw a day and a half of sun in the long term forecast and we then decided to pull the trigger. When we arrived the day and a half of sun in the forecast increased to 4 days of sun!
Asides from Google earth, we had no beta on skiable terrain so this was an exploratory trip which added to the level of complexity. We ended up finding great terrain with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. The swell also came in and @mathea_olin and @kalum.temple shredded some great waves while @wachstavision and I rode some mellow waves."

Why not?

by ChildLabor
Nov 17th - 2.3K views

The fourth full length street skiing video by Child Labor. Thank you friends, family, and skiing.

Edited by Garrett Whaley

Featuring (in no specific order):
Andrew Egan
Bennie Osnow
Cal Carson
Garrett Whaley
Sam Gnoza
Blake Rolfing
Thomas Stone
Dakota Connole
Seamus Flanagan
Zach Sturtevant
Joe Fusare
Ben Marmer
Aj Lefebvre
Antoine Poirier
Ty Ulrich

Supported by:
Vishnu skis
Line skis
Smoke Proper