Somewhere In Ontario

by joeykraft
Apr 2016 - 8.6K views

So coming into this season i was recovering from a dislocated hip that i got back in june, my first week back this season i was unfortunate enough to tear my acl and many other things. So i knew sitting around the house and moping would do no good for me so i took all my savings for the season bought a camera and followed my frands around to keep me sane. Anyways heres what i got hope you enjoy!
Riders: mark&stephen draper, alex dube james eydt zamblunt julia hood aidan snoei geoff lovelace kyle mattice k dough bruce oldham ethan harrison and more!

Dig to fux

by joeykraft
Nov 2017 - 6.4K views

So the diggers actually got the chance to sneak in some skiing this summer between digging and Garfs.
Also huge thanks to Colin Sutherland and the rest of the crew.
Okay lets go.