Max Moffatt 12\13

by MaxMoffatt
Aug 2013 - 3.2K views

Max Moffatt 14 years old 12/13 season edit, footage from Blue Mountain, MSLM and Camp of Champions. Filmed by: Gordon Hall & Adrian Harasowsky. Edited by: Gordon Hall. Thumbnail Photo: Max Wharin. Song: Breezeblocks Artist: Alt-J. Sponcors Eira, salomon

3 dubz in blackpark

by MaxMoffatt
Apr 2014 - 2.9K views

did my first switch dub 12 yesterday witch I'm hyped on. weird way of doing it so i might try and relearn it. I'm looking for a ski sponsor or boots or bindings. really anything besides outerwear. Eira has hooked me up hard. so if anyone wants to hook me with some skis or googles or other stuff id be down!!!!

dub 10 train

by MaxMoffatt
Jul 2014 - 2.9K views

fun train at momentum a couple weeks ago. 1st Taylor wilson 2nd Max Moffatt (me) 3rd Tanner gordon 4th Mitch wilson 5th Thomas pool


by MaxMoffatt
Feb 2016 - 4.3K views

Tanner dipped mid scrab game, taylor and riley are listening to EDM and B Reid's shoulder is dinked so merk and I held it down for Bro sesh