"Mutiny" - Stept Productions OFFICIAL TRAILER

by SteptProductions
Jul 2013 - 18.4K views

In 2013 Stept Productions embarked on their largest film project to date. After 12 years of producing ski films, Stept is proud to announce their newest feature, "Mutiny". The film documents progressive young skiers as they commence on a mission around the United States. Using the biggest cities in the country as their playground, the Stept crew sacrifices their health as they continue to redefine street skiing. Groundbreaking action, coupled with an award winning film crew brings a dark and mysterious story to light. Mutiny is intended for a mature audience and is dedicated to exposing the viewer to the raw and unfiltered world of the Stept crew. The films release will coincide with the drop of Stept Fall '13 apparel line. To pre-order the film and other merchandise, as well as find out more about Stept, please visit

Simon Dumont Collection: A Decade Of Freeskiing Progression

by SteptProductions
Sep 2013 - 5.8K views

Professional skier Simon Dumont has dedicated his life to leading the progression of freeskiing. This collection documents his huge successes and setbacks from when he first started competing at age 14, to wining 10 X Games medals and setting a new 35.5-foot high world record quarterpipe air, to devastating injuries sustained along the way including overshooting a 100-foot jump in Park City. With top podium finishes, world records, and creative successes like the Red Bull Cubed Private Halfpipe session, Simon has a new target in his sights this winter?the 2014 Winter Olympics?the inaugural Olympics for freeskiing halfipe and slopestyle.

Bobby Brown - Roots Lead to Water

by SteptProductions
Oct 2017 - 20K views

The second installment of the "water" series is about connecting with a place that shaped Bobby Brown's career - Alyeska, Alaska. Most of the film shoots at the resort are centered around one large park-style jump, but this year, Bobby, Stept, and select crew went back with a completely new vision. The team wanted to make the entire mountain a playground littered with hand-shaped and natural features. This type of riding brought the crew back to the days that made them the skiers that they are today. The unique approach matched with Stept's progressive film making style, made for a dream-like session. The entire team is excited to present, "Roots Lead To Water."

Featuring: Bobby Brown, Oyster Beaten, Robert Rudd, and Gus Kenworthy