UBC Rail Jam 2012

by UBC_Freeride
Oct 2012 - 3.6K views

The stoke was high and the high were stoked at our annual rail jam. At a brand new venue, this year turned out better than ever. Even the sun showed up for part of the afternoon.

UBC FreeRide | Teaser Episode 1

by UBC_Freeride
Jan 2013 - 2.8K views

Essex Prescott and Jamie Browne of UBC FreeRide took an early season trip to Revelstoke, BC where we shot for the UBC FreeRide movie scheduled to drop in fall of 2013. Shredding, sledding, and chillin out, watch as we tear through some of the terrain this mystical place has to offer, and scope for lines to be done on future visits. Check out all of UBC FreeRide at: Thanks to Cariboo, Rockstar Energy Drink, Dissent Labs, UBC Ski and Board, and ROMP outerwear.

Lamborghini Mercy | Whack Park Edit

by UBC_Freeride
Apr 2013 - 7.7K views

First off if you haven't seen our newest Freeride RAW, check it out here: This video was filmed during the hungover hours of a weekend spent in Whistler. We introduce our first year "junior", chug some beverages, and poke a little fun at our man Essex. We also give you a sneak peak at skiing's favorite snowboarder Garrett DJ Knochenmus,shredding the gnar, and reciting some aggressive poetry (Mercy). We like to fall sometimes too. Enjoy.


by UBC_Freeride
Apr 2013 - 13.5K views

Shot and Edited in 7 days for the Intersection competition at The World Ski & Snowboard Festival in Whistler, BC (April 11-18, 2013) 1st Place // WSSF Intersection 2013 People's Choice // WSSF Intersection 2013 COMPETITION RULES: Films must be shot, edited and produced in a period of 7 days. All films must contain at least one skier and one snowboarder. Each film must contain 30 seconds of park footage, 30 seconds of Whistler in-bound terrain footage, and 20 seconds of footage using a Bromley Baseboard. All films must be shot within 100km radius of Whistler and 75% of all footage must be on snow. Stay tuned on facebook for updates on new projects and behind the scenes:


by UBC_Freeride
Dec 2013 - 6.8K views

There may be snow on the ground but we wanted to kick off the season with an edit of our activities this previous summer. Skating, surfing, biking, cliff diving, and waking up with no memory of previous nights, it was a fun time. We're stoked for there to be snow on the ground like everybody else, and we look forward to releasing a series of banger new ski edits throughout the season, so stay tuned! Thanks to Rockstar, ROMP, Cariboo, and Peace Coast Skateboards for this one. Hope you enjoy! Athletes: Peter Craigen - Skater Corey Teskey - Skater Max Horner - Biker Dory Schjelderup - Biker Essex Prescott - Surfer James Peak - Surfer Seth Gillis - Cliff Jumper Dylan Green - Cliff Jumper Patrick Skinner - Cliff Jumper Peter Wojnar - Cliff Jumper Stirling Bell - Cliff Jumper Peter Wentz - Beach Boombox Operator Filmed/Edited by Liam Benstead Song: Everyday Will be Like a Holiday - WIlliam Bell Riptide - Vance Joy

UBC Free Ride Footy Dump #1

by UBC_Freeride
Mar 2014 - 3.4K views

It's been a Hell of a Season trying to get some solid pow turns in with that dry spell of snow out here in BC earlier on. But with some recent storms and more skipped classes, we were able to get out and compile a bunch of footage. After getting carried away with filming we decided it was about time to dump some footy on the internet to make room for some more, and maybe for some lecture notes for school?....... Nah. Stay tuned for the Idaho Urban edit dropping ASAP, and for our vid from the upcoming Bralorne Backcountry Picnic. ALSO to check out some of the outerwear worn in this video go to .

Idaho Urban

by UBC_Freeride
Mar 2014 - 1.7K views

With a lack of snow in early season BC, UBC Free Ride planned a trip to Idaho in search for some Urban. With so many spots it was hard to choose what to do first but here's what we made out of our 3 days in 'MURICA. Presented by Check it out for some high quality and low priced goods.

Bralorne Backcountry Picnic 2014

by UBC_Freeride
Apr 2014 - 1.9K views

UBC FreeRide visited the Bralorne Backcountry Picnic last month to take part in ther annual video competition. After rolling into the small town, it wasn't too long before most of the town had converged to a small urban jump we had shaped for a film session. Aside from the wicked moonshine induced hangovers there was plenty of snow to be had and friends to be made. Hope you enjoy!

Trainwreck // Peter Wentz 2014 Season Edit

by UBC_Freeride
Nov 2014 - 1.7K views

UBC Freeride had an awesome season last year shredding around Whistler and the local backcountry. Here is what Peter Wentz got up to during this time. He would like to thank Prior Snow, Dissent Labs, UBC Freeride, and ROMP Outerwear for their support throughout the season! Insta -- @pwentzy

A Few Days - 2015 POV

by UBC_Freeride
Sep 2015 - 3.8K views

It is only the first day of class here at UBC but we are already stoked to be skiing again! Check out one of our own in some POV goodness from last season.

IG: pwentzy

TO FOLLOW (UBC Freeride 2016 Intersection Submission)

by UBC_Freeride
May 2016 - 2.2K views

When we were kids, our imagination took us places we'd never otherwise be able to go: to the places with soft snow and big flakes. We dreamed of riding down steep mountainsides and through mysterious snow-capped forests. We always wondered what this world would look like if we could bring along our closest friends. With help from 40 UBC Freeride athletes, the paths of inspiration are revealed to lie both ahead and behind us in time. Which ever way we look there is always someone to follow.

Filmed entirely in 7 days for the World Ski and Snowboard Festival?s Intersection competition, each film had to include 30 seconds of on-resort footage (at Whistler Blackcomb), 30 seconds of park footage, and be shot within 100 km of Whistler. To Follow is a product of this competition which has been re-edited for online release.


by UBC_Freeride
Oct 2017 - 3.5K views

The Dunbarbarbar boys gettin after it last season, landing boltz, shaving mullets, and staying loose. Smash that mo'fkin like button. #like4like #comment4comment IG:@dunbarbarbar hit our line
Skiers: Connor Martin, Axel Runner, Cobo Alvarez de Toledo, Dylan Runner, Henry Eckert, Sam Coulter + more.
Notable filmers: Peter Wojnar, Iphone 6 plus