Momentum Session 3 Exposure edit 2012

Jul 2012 - 995 views

I finally got organized with all the problems that I had with editing! So here's my edit from most of my shots during Momentum exposure camp. We were super lucky to be able to shoot with all the top pro's Including Tom Wallisch, Gus Kenworthy, James woods, Corey Vanular and many more! As well as having many great skiers to shoot we got to have a private bike shoot with some locals. I'd like to thank all the coaches on the filming and photography side for their help during the week! Thanks to -Blake Jorgensen -Daren Rayner -Johnny Decesare -Charlie Grinell -Liam Campbell (For kindly letting me use his Sigma)! -Momentum Ski Camps -And all Athletes Filmed and Edited by: Luke Smart Camera Equipment used: Canon EOS T3 | with 18-55mm as well as a 55-300| Canon 60D | with 18-55mm,55-300mm, and the SIGMA| No Stabilization/All shots hand held. By:Luke Smart

Summer 2012

Aug 2012 - 135 views

Here's an edit of our Summer 2012. Filmed, Edited and Directed By: Luke Smart Additional Shots: John Smart Mike Henitiuk Max Edwards Kai Smart Tripod Ground Camera Equipment used: Canon 60d Canon T3 GoPro Hero 2

Luke Smart | Season 2013

May 2013 - 950 views

Here's my season edit for 2012/2013. HUGE THANKS to my parents, coaches, filmers, and T.M.C Freeriderz! -- Filmers (Some) -- Max Rosgen Kai Smart Garret Smith John Smart Cut: Luke Smart

Luke Smart // Early

Dec 2013 - 2.5K views

Few days of filming this past week, Thanks Armada Skis and T.M.C Freeriderz Skiing: Luke Smart Song: DJ Cam Quartet - Rebirth of Cool Camera: Canon 60d w Lensbay fisheye Filming: Friends and coaches

bmetz | 1day

Jan 2014 - 5.2K views

took a day of filming with Braden and ended up getting enough shots to make a little edit, Hope you enjoy Camera: Canon 60d Lens: Canon 18-55 Stabilization: Glidecam HD 2000

Luke Smart // MMXV

Oct 2015 - 6.2K views

Had a sick year and I'm stoked to finally release my shots from 2015! Special thanks Armada Skis, TMC Freeriderz, Whistler Blackcomb and everyone who filmed!

Filmers: Alex Crickmore-Thompson, Alex Zastre, Anders Ujejski, Chase Ujejski, Chris Clark, Corey Vanular, Dexter Butterworth, Jeremy Cooper, Kai Smart, Max Edwards and Ryan Braun.