Wachusett Winter: 2014/2015 Season Edit

by a_burger
May 2015 - 1.2K views

I planned on trying to get good at park this season but then we got 6 feet of snow in a 2 week period...

This edit isn't really meant to be a showcase of skills but more a collection of memories from my last winter at my home mountain. It was an awesome season with some great friends, and I progressed in park a bit doing late season hiking.


by a_burger
Dec 2015 - 323 views

isaac did some neat stuff on sticky rails and I did fake tricks all day

not sure what the goal was with this one but it was fun to edit

Low Tide season 15/16

by a_burger
Jul 2016 - 543 views

This was my first year living up in Maine, and despite the weather I had a good time. I learned a lot of new stuff and have most of the basics down, heres to hoping it actually snows more then a foot this year.


s/o to Isaac for filming me doing dumb tricks for a whole season