Coen Bennie-Faull's end of season edit

by sick.bird
Mar 2012 - 943 views

My last year on skis in review. I've just spent 2 months in Europe following winter, filming and travelling. We had ridiculous snow the whole time and got some incredible skiing in. I've also put some skiing from my season here in Australia from last year in. Enjoi

All White

by sick.bird
Jan 2020 - 835 views

All White is a collection of footage taken of Australian born skier Coen Bennie-Faull.

Edited by
Taylor Bennie-Faull

Footage by
Hayden Griffith
Riis Weibrecht
Sawyer Thomas
Stephen Shelesky
Teton Gravity Research
Tony Harrington

Music by
Ara Koufax

Le Bent
Black Crows

Thanks to
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort