Bryan Smith 2016-17 season

by Spitfyre94
Apr 2017 - 442 views

These are most of the shots I got this season so enjoy and thanks for tuning in! Wu-Tang for the children!
Filming: @eliblack_ , @sam_chevalier13 , @private_propaganda
Cut: @bryaansmith244
Song: Tearz Wu-Tang Clan


by Spitfyre94
Jun 2017 - 219 views

Went skiing for the weekend with the boys and did a little filming. Crushed some beers and that's that. Hope you guys like it!

2017 Rab

by Spitfyre94
Nov 2017 - 444 views

Preseason is here. The boys and I are STOKED!!! Throughin down at Rabbit Hill but most importantly crushing beers. And holy fuck do we love KFED'S!!
Drinkers: @bryaansmith244, @smithy_j, @jhoo58, @corbinblack


by Spitfyre94
Jul 2018 - 312 views

Shredding the preseason and spring season park. Ended with some real decent footy. Enjoy YO!!!!

These Man's Needs A BEER

by Spitfyre94
Jul 2018 - 643 views

Beer, Beer, Beer. You are too good to me and my friends. I'm sorry we always empty you and your fun but that's why we have stores full of you. Because your relatively easy to produce and expendable. There are many of your kind, yet there is nothing like you. I hope to see you soon. Love the boys.


by Spitfyre94
Dec 2018 - 1.4K views

Don't get caught with your head down out there kids! The boys and I will make sure you go home missing a few chiclets! LETS GO OILERS!!!!!!!!

Wrecking PANO

by Spitfyre94
Feb 2019 - 346 views

Just the boys out there havin a grand old time. Also all the blurry and shitty shots were takin on android so just another win for iPhone users. Drink hard and party harder my dudes!!!!!!! Panorama is the best mountain within 6 hours of Edmonton to so suck it. LETS GO OILERSSSSSSSS