HG Skis:October Recap&MountSnow pre-season

by HG_Skis
Nov 2011 - 940 views

Over the past month we have been real busy getting ready for the season with rail jams, photo shoots, and getting our new shop setup. This video recaps all of october with HG Skis and previews what you can expect from us all season.

HG Skis: Trillinton...

by HG_Skis
Dec 2011 - 2.9K views

As winter is slow to start on the east coast we continue to do our best with pre-season set ups. Heres a quick edit from our last weeks trip to Killington. Riders In order: Connor Gaeta, Sam Kimmerle, Keiren McVeigh, Will Hibbs, Sam Putnam, Leif Botzojorns, Colin Becker, Hunter Tyrrell. Enjoy!

HG Skis: January Update

by HG_Skis
Jan 2012 - 534 views

The month of december left us with more warm temperatures and no snow insight but allowed us more time in the shop designing next years skis. Given the conditions we made the best with the hike parks provided. Hope you enjoy! Look forward to our next edit with footage from the new park build at Sugarbush and a proper introduction to Hunter Tyrrell...

HG Skis: Presents Hunter Tyrrell

by HG_Skis
Jan 2012 - 10.4K views

We officially added Hunter to our team back in the Fall but with the lack of snow and content we never got a chance to properly introduce him. With the new park build at Sugarbush up we can now do so...Enjoy!

HG Skis: Bush Dreams

by HG_Skis
Jan 2012 - 1.5K views

With winter finally underway we've started to stack some solid film at Sugarbush parks. This edit displays the new park and the creative talent of Sam Rogers and Charlie Stemen behind the lens.

HG Skis: February

by HG_Skis
Mar 2012 - 3.9K views

We were finally blessed with some snow this past month here on the east coast. Enjoy our month of February. Riders: Connor Gaeta, James Amodeo, Will Eginton, Hunter Tyrrell, and Sam Kimmerle

HG Skis: Summer Mixtape

by HG_Skis
Sep 2012 - 9.3K views

With such a short winter here on the east coast we all tried to extend it by making trips out to Mt. Hood Oregon and Whistler, BC testing our new skis for this up coming season. Enjoy each individual style brought to you by Hunter Tyrrell, Connor Gaeta, and Lucas Vianna laced over a 3 track M.O.P. line up.

HG Skis: Sugarbush Opens!

by HG_Skis
Nov 2012 - 1.2K views

Back for another season at Sugarbush Parks! Sam Rogers and Connor Gaeta take you through a minute at Sugarbushs opening weekend. Stay tuned for much more to come as temperatures begin to drop and the season gets underway...

HG Skis: Pushin'

by HG_Skis
Dec 2012 - 2.1K views

Back with our first edit of the new season, the crew gets after some early urban features, we check in with LV up in Canada and get to see his park run from Chile, and finally James Amodeo and Connor Geata give a lesson on the down rail at Sugarbush Parks!

HG Skis: The Score

by HG_Skis
Jan 2013 - 4K views

Finally blessed with over 2 feet of snow, Sugarbush Parks is primed and Connor and James take full advantage of the creative setup. The streets of Burlington and Winooski were calling us with fresh snow and we were finally able to put together some shots!

HG Skis Presents: Cole Gibson

by HG_Skis
Sep 2013 - 3.7K views

We brought Cole along on an urban trip halfway through this past season and from then on we knew he was a perfect addition to the crew. Were happy to announce that he is the newest addition to the team as we approach the 2013/14 season! He was able to spend a month out in Mt.Hood this summer and test out the prototypes for our new ski. Stay tuned for Cole's full segment in Aurora, our team movie dropping this Fall. Thanks to Ethan White & Liam McKinley for the film.

HG Skis Presents: Aurora (Full Movie)

by HG_Skis
Oct 2013 - 2.4K views

We proudly present our first feature film Aurora. Aurora is our team movie filmed over the course of the 2012-2013 season. It was almost entirely filmed through out the North East. We would like to thank everyone who has supported this and could help make this happen. Stay tuned with all our newest projects at Sit back and enjoy! *For best quality listen with speakers turned up or headphones on blast.

HG Skis: The Effects

by HG_Skis
Jan 2014 - 7K views

In between a couple long weekend trips down the east-coast we have been cruising through sugarbush parks new setup. This is our take on the parks creative setup. Enjoy!

HG Skis: Green Eyed

by HG_Skis
Apr 2014 - 3K views

As we continue to film up and down the east coast for our new movie, we got some spring days in at Sugarbush Parks. Enjoy the team & friends in this end of the season edit, and watch out for the green eyed lady.

Cole Gibson 2014

by HG_Skis
Aug 2014 - 8.5K views

This is a recap of Coles 2014 park footage shot and cut by Liam Mckinley. Additional filming : Jeff Kohnstamm, Sumner Fisher, & Dan Asam

HG Skis Presents: 5 to 9 Trailer

by HG_Skis
Aug 2014 - 3.4K views

We present the trailer for 5 to 9, our 2014 film. The film is a collaboration of like minded individuals highlighting up and coming talent on the east coast. Full movie releasing this Fall, online.


by HG_Skis
Sep 2014 - 1.5K views

The HG crew and a solid group of friends packed up and sent it to Montreal to premier 5 to 9 at IF3. Enjoy this short montage of our experience, and check out the full blog post of our trip here: Be on the look out for the drop of 5 to 9 coming soon.

HG Skis Presents: 5 to 9 FULL MOVIE

by HG_Skis
Oct 2014 - 11.8K views

We proudly present 5 to 9, our full movie from the 2014 season. We set out to record a lifestyle, focusing on having fun but more importantly staying true to ourselves. 5 to 9 is a collaboration of like minded individuals highlighting up and coming talent on the east coast.

HG Skis: Sugar Free

by HG_Skis
Dec 2014 - 3.9K views

Over the past month we have been getting back into the flow of the season, going to Killington and getting in pre-season laps at Sugarbush Resort. The team's been hard at work livin the sugar free life style, watch our early season edit to keep up with what we have been doing. Filmed by: Charles Stemen Sam Rogers Cam Willis Tazer Landow Liam Mckinley Edited By: Sam Rogers Charlie Stemen Photography: Peter Cirilli Songs: Suga Free - Doe Doe and Da Skunk Antwon - 3rd World Girl

HG Skis: Loose Ends

by HG_Skis
Feb 2015 - 2.4K views

While our early season started off slow with snow fall it didn't stop the crew from making the best out of the local mountains. Watch the crew break in Sugarbush Parks early setup and cruise some laps at Okemo and Bolton Valley. Enjoy!

HG Skis: Lock Down

by HG_Skis
Mar 2015 - 4.5K views
With Spring upon us on the east coast we are starting to soak in the sun and enjoy the warm weather coming. Lock down is a collection of shots through the winter months. Filmed between trips spent on the road putting in work for this years team movie. Enjoy our mid-season park edit and stay tuned for more updates!

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HG: Children of the Guan FULL MOVIE

by HG_Skis
Oct 2015 - 8.2K views

We are excited to release our 2015 FULL team film Children of the Guan. Watch the team travel into the land of abandoned buildings, cheap motels, ragged townies, and neck deep snow. Please sit back and enjoy!

*Best enjoyed with headphones or external speakers*

H G S K I S : O A S I S

by HG_Skis
Mar 2016 - 2.6K views

Film & Edit: Liam Mckinley

Christian Franchino, Cole Gibson, Connor Gaeta, Hunter Tyrrell, Jamie Amodeo, Sam Miles

Sugarbush Parks
Tall T Productions ::

HG Skis Presents: The Promocabana

by HG_Skis
Oct 2016 - 5.7K views

The Cabana is our 2015/16 Promo of everything that will not make the cut into our 2 year project dropping Fall 2017. Enjoy!

Editing by: Charles Stemen and Liam Mckinley
Filmed by: Liam Mckinley and John Hayes
Riders: Alex Hackel, Cole Gibson, Christian Franchino, Connor Gaeta, Hunter Tyrrell, James Amodeo, Jeremie Veilleux, Liam Mckinley, Sam Miles
Additional editing: Sam Rogers
Additional filming: Cole Gibson, Sam Rogers, Connor Gaeta, James Amodeo

summer tramp edit

by HG_Skis
Mar 2017 - 15.6K views

New Sugarbush Parks video :)

Edit: Liam Mckinley / Film: Cole Gibson & John Hayes

Alex Hackel, Christian Franchino, Connor Gaeta, Jeremie Veilleux

down rails & double kinks

by HG_Skis
Apr 2017 - 2.5K views

This is what a competition at Sugarbush Parks looks like. Big ups to Will Mcintyre on coming away with first and a new pair of Stingers :)

Film & Edit: John Hayes
Riders: Alex Hackel, Cole Gibson, James Amodeo, Jeremie Veilleux, Christian Franchino, Will Mcintyre, Andrew Salkewicz, Ian Adams, Charlie Dayton, Zach Harrington

Tall T Productions:
Sugarbush Parks