by kyledougherty11
Apr 2015 - 1.8K views

well this season felt like i wiped er out a lot more than a landed. Here is a few videos of me anus grinding head slamin and weiner ramin! I hope you enjoy and keep an eye open for my season edit dropping in the near future

Undershooting the Step Up

by toast
Apr 2015 - 30.5K views

A few weeks ago Levi and I went to shoot a little bit at Keystone before the parks closed. Levi unfortunately ended up undershooting the step up, but thankfully only got a concussion from the pretty hard crash.


by kook.lyfe
Jul 2015 - 3.4K views

What has happened? Too much bias "fact" and too many passive users. Hate it, love it, fuck it, eat it, whatever, its all just propaganda? (Dedicated to Mother Nature and Everything Natural) ???? Fun? Money? What? What?

iF3 2015 Top 10 Crashes presented by Bern

by iF3
Sep 2015 - 1.9K views

The 9th edition of the International Freeski Film Festival (iF3) is presented by Skullcandy.

iF3 is a film festival dedicated to freeski movies and culture. It is the biggest annual celebration of freeskiing. The festival starts in its hometown, Montreal, Canada, and then goes on tour around the world. iF3 hosts world premieres for every major ski movie producer alongside up and coming amateur producers. iF3 is considered the Cannes Film Festival of the ski world.


by AndreasSchroeder
Oct 2015 - 5.1K views

The skier in this video is a friend of mine who gave me permission to post as long as I didn't share his name. From the crash, he suffered a mild concussion and a broken femur. I wanted to post this as a reminder to all skiers that it is okay to take it easy and ski like a gaper in certain circumstances. NEVER be afraid to use extreme caution, even if your friends are filming! To this day, I think as a filmer that the presence of my camera may have influenced him to send this chute with so much speed that day. Two summers in a row now I have witnessed serious injuries that have change my outlook on not only the way I ski, but also the way I live. Two summers ago was an even worse crash that left the rider in even worse condition than this, but luckily he is doing well now too. I want this post to leave a positive impact on skiers in that it is always okay to take things slow, even if that means not getting the shot and looking goofy on the way down. Always take into account the consequences that can result from your actions! Ski careful!