Crash Of The Week

Front 7 Swap Attempt

by Skier-Jon
Mar 2016 - 11.2K views

Told the kids I would go for the 7 swap, this was my first and only attempt for today. Slammed my ass on the rail pretty hard so waiting for another day to go for it again #prayforthesev


by A-A-RON
Mar 2016 - 3.8K views

smoked a lady in the park the other day... Andreas Schroeder with the narration behind the iphone

CRASHES with Friends

by Condorobrien
Jun 2016 - 3K views

All of the footage from my camera and a few other places with the best crashes from the year. CU Freeskiing Team plays a huge role in this so thanks to all the sponsors. Faction skis and Icelantic skis. Cliff bar and Red Bull helped hugely. Saga is awesome.

The Good looking shots are by Shane Stolz. Thanks!

Enjoy all the crashes and thanks to all the participants.

my life is a double eject

by S.Ki
May 2016 - 599 views

some my best and funniest crashes from the 2014/15 season.
Thank you Joerga for the shots and laughter.
shout out!

#stopskiing everyone!

Oh and if you are wondering why my crahes look so fresh, im actually a real doctor in bailology plus i have a masters degree in double ejection.

Pyramid Gap

by freeskier91
Mar 2016 - 1.6K views

We came up a bit short on the Pyramid Gap up Grizzly Gulch in Utah. Now gotta go back and make it bigger so we can clear it.


by Keith_M
Jan 2016 - 7.7K views

Just out here trying to reverse voodoo by calling last run and hucking dubs off the smallest jump in the park.