Toys [igrushki] Official Trailer

by staRRide
Aug 2012 - 434 views

Starride presents movie "Toys" [Igrushki] Played: Grigory Fuzeev, Andrew Anufriev, Alexey Maxurov, Dmitry Makrushin, Paul Karamishev, Denis Nekrasov, Yulia Zayko, Evgeny Vetoshkin, Fred Mørtensen Shot on Location: Igora, Saint-Petersburg - Russia Mayrhofen, Austria Livigno, Italy Ruka, Finland Snejcom, Moscow - Russia Supported By: General Sponsor: VirusBoardwear Official Partners: Trial-Sport, Resort Igora And Also: 26'clock, Snejcom, Bump, Dominant,, Music: The Cooper Temple Clause - New Toys

"13.11" - The Full Movie

by staRRide
Nov 2013 - 1.1K views

"13.11" is a first FreeSki Art-House, Watch it only from the begining to the end. Starring: Grigory Fuzeev (The Henddrad dub 7 Guy); Dmitry Makrushin (The main Guy from LSM); and others

Miass Spring 2015

by staRRide
Jul 2015 - 1.9K views

I've spent some grate days in tha WSP snowpark in Solnechnaya Dolina (Miass, Russia) after the RFG contest finished. I can say, that was a sickest park ever been built in Russia!! Thanx, Vitaly Migov, Alexey Ivanov, and all the WSP crew! And thanx Solnechnaya Dolina for the snow!)

Grigory Fuzeev GrabReel 15-16

by staRRide
Jul 2016 - 15.1K views

Hi, I?m Grigory Fuzeev and by this vid I want to share with you my little invention. From now on I?d like to drop to the game a new type of Ski-Edit. It?s a kind of alternative to a «ProFile» format, I bet, we all are a bit tired of it.. So this is the thing: When making a profile you just pick your best shots, but choosing tricks for your «GrabReel» you may follow two rules:
1) Each grab appears once
2) Each rotation appears once
Here you?ve got tons of combinations: you can multiply all the grabs, their Reverse, Screaming Seamen, Seat Belt and any other variations by all your spins, including switch, unnatural and all off-axises you've got, but you can?t ever recur. The process of shooting this video was reeeealy fun for me, I hope, you?ll enjoy this new format, and the actual video, as well!

Sunny Valley Days

by staRRide
Oct 2016 - 2.8K views

This season I've spent some productive and brite weeks on the "Sunny Valley" ski resort. Latley they've been performing a best snow-park in Russia. Thanks to the resort and to a WSP shape team for making this possible!

Kitzsteinhorn One Day Edit

by staRRide
Jun 2017 - 1.3K views

This spring I've spend some time in Austria and have visited this #kitzsteinhornsnowpark There's so many lines ans jibb features especially fat tubes, I loved it!

Summer Ski Balance by Grigory Fuzeev

by staRRide
Aug 2017 - 37.3K views

There's my new invention - Ski Jibb Simulator. It's very simple to assemble and it's really feels like balancing a rail. So you can use it either at home or in gym.
For a commercial use or for ordering one please contact me. Instagramm: @gfuzeev

Fuzeev Grigory Profile 16-17

by staRRide
Sep 2017 - 7.5K views

Filmed in:Murmansk, Ruka (@ruka_park), Levi, Kitzsteinhorn (@kitzsteinhornsnowpark), Absolutpark, Sochi Newstar Camp (@newstarcamp), Saint-Pete - OhtaPark
Camera: Ivan Novikov (@ivan_novanova), Arkadii Kazakov (@arkazakov), Misha Shishebarov (@misashisha), Yura Shkrebiy (@shkrebiy)
Edited by: Arkadii Kazakov (@arkazakov)
Thanks to: Monster Energy (@blackmonsterru @monsterenergy), Imperial skis (@imperialskis), Shred optics (@shredoptics), Slytech (@slytechprotect), VR boardwear (@vr_boardwear), Rockit wear (, Full Tilt boots (@fulltiltboots)

Grigory Fuzeev dub 540

by staRRide
Apr 2018 - 14.6K views

Place: Sochi, New Star Camp
Filmer: Mikhail Shishebarov (@misashisha)
Me: @gfuzeev
Monster Energy, FullTilt Boots, Imperial Skis, Shred Optics, VR cloathing, Rockit outwear

Grigory Fuzeev - Ruka may Laps '18

by staRRide
Nov 2018 - 7.1K views

Skier: Grigory Fuzeev
Camera|Editing - Alexander Kazakov
Location: RukaPark, Ruka, Kuusamo, Finland, Europe, Earth, Milky Way galaxy, Observable Universe
Music: Jetty Rae - Queen of the Universe


by staRRide
Dec 2018 - 909 views

Hopefully it will be interesting to watch despite of its longness ;)

Interviewer - Anton [Devil] Lalabekov - @devileye1
Camera, Editing - Alexander Kazakov - @saskz
Me - Grigory Fuzeev - @gfuzeev

And here's the video-contest we've announced in it!
You make a video that contains only two executions of your SAME trick.
First: Your very best and steezy one;
Second: Your UGLYEST one.
It can be ANY trick, you whant! Ollie or tripple-cork doesn't matter.
The ugly execution can be taken from your very old edit, when you just started skiing or it can be a crash, or you can make it ugly in purpose - whatever.
The winner will be a person with the biggest CONTRAST between executions.
To take part in a contest just post your vid in your Instagramm with a hashtag #uglysteezycontest
You can make as more vids, as you whant.
We stop collecting your vids and start judjing 31 January
By 15 February We make a 1 minute Edit from the best vids we got. In this vid we announce a winner.
This vid will be posted on newschoolers instagramm.
The winner aslo gets our T-Shirt :)



by staRRide
Mar 2019 - 1.7K views

Freeskiing on pists of Gudauri by Grisha Fuzeev and Alexey Eremeev. Music: Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.