Josh Wong Intro.

Feb 2013 - 1.9K views

At Roundtop Ski Resort in central PA. They have many up-and-coming riders with Josh Wong being one of them. I took 3 runs with Josh before he had to go instruct, and make the dollars. I will be filming him a lot more and releasing some of his videos.

Season Edit '12-'13

May 2013 - 981 views

My best shots from the 2012-2013 ski season. Traveled lots, didn't get enough shots in my opinion. Happy with the edit and the season until it got cut short in March. I cut my kidney after crashing into a snowboarder on the final jump in LOVE park at Big Boulder. The last minute of film is from that day, all of it me being hurt. Sit back, crank up the music and enjoy.

Flying Fifty'

Aug 2013 - 875 views

All the shots we got from when Ski Roundtop locals Josh Wong, Derek Simpson, and myself (Joris Grintalis) went to Big Boulder in early march for some better snow conditions. We hit their jump line, and this what we came up with film wise. We had a lot of fun that day, hope you do to while you watch this edit. P.S. Joris has a cut kidney in all of the shots.

Joris Grintalis Mid-Season Minute

Mar 2014 - 788 views

Here are some of the shots i have been able to get this so far this season. Stoked on what I have learned and stoked I got to ski Colorado for the first time.(the 3 at :38 is hideous i know) and sorry for the blurry shots, i forgot to focus them sometimes. did land the last trick... thanks to Mike Ruth for the edit.

Joris Grintalis // Sleeping Mountains

Dec 2014 - 1.4K views

Here's a recap of my November and December in Tahoe and my trip to Utah and Colorado. Really stoked on the shots I've gotten so far this season, and hope it continues that way. Thank you to everyone that filmed! Also if you haven't seen it yet, my roommate, Connor Clayton, and I have started a video series called the Roommate Series, so be on the lookout for episode two later next month! Thanks to Monster Energy.

[T&PES] // "Blunt Grabs In The Off-Season"

Sep 2016 - 1.1K views

Glad to finally put out my edit for the 1516 season. Sports went well, made it through halftime, and survived the final quarter. Waiting for fall to end and the snow to fall.

Wanna skip the intro? go to :40


Shout out to everyone who filmed, can't thank you guys enough.

OverthinKing // Joris Grintalis 1617

Jun 2017 - 1.3K views

what does overthinking do to one? To overthink means to "think about (something) too much or for too long." It stops us from doing tricks, ruining relationships, or worst of all; it stops us from getting after the wants we have in our everyday life. We overthink due to the fear or anxiousness of how our action will be perceived, and what reaction will occur. Yet at the end of the day, you only overthink once more to why you didn't do something, say something, or change something, and the only person to blame is the same one staring back at you in the mirror. This past year, I tended to let overthinking get the best of me. So, here's to overthinking and over analysis; stop thinking and just start doing.

TL;DR I went skiing around Tahoe this year, and it was fun.

Thank you to everyone that filmed this past season without you, my friends, none of this would be possible

Also thanks to:

Joris Grintalis CoVID cut

May 2020 - 187 views

My hard drive broke, and I got upset so I made this is 3 hours. I miss skiing and I've gotta go make a new resume. BRB see yall when it snows more.

Was looking forward to spring time to film this year, but i guess I'll hike mountains for now :)
thanks to all who filmed :)