Elias Ambuhl TV Episode 5

by EliasAmbuhlTV
Feb 2011 - 4.2K views

Executive Producer: Andreas Lanz / Associate Producer: Elias Ambuehl / Field Producer: Fabian Weber / Music: Nit Grit (Lupin / & 5 Am (Remix) feat Abstract Sound Project (Personne Records /


by EliasAmbuhlTV
Oct 2011 - 1.1K views

Finally! Elias Ambühl wins! Following two consecutive years placing both times in second place, Elias Ambühl wins first place. Elias Ambühl TV shows his victory from Elias' own perspective.


by EliasAmbuhlTV
Jan 2012 - 2.8K views

Skiing in the USA with friends and training - here's another interesting episode of Elias Ambuehl in Colorado, USA. Watch how he prepares for the first slopestyle contest this winter & how he finds some relaxation after the big wins in Zurich, Budapest and Stockholm.