Two Days in Utah

by JakeMuller
Jan 2014 - 1.1K views

i got to head to utah during Christmas break and unfortuanlty the weather was not cooperating the first two days so here is a video from the last two. sorry about the sun and bad night shots

How to do a backflip on skis

by JakeMuller
Oct 2015 - 913 views

i have already posted this to a forum because I did not want to clog the video category up with these but I am going to upload all my videos to the video category for now on, so if you like this video please go ahead and give me some karma and an up vote on the video

Bilanx //Jake Muller 14-15

by JakeMuller
Nov 2015 - 6.1K views

Last year I wanted to focus on trying to compete more than I have in the past and I was very happy with the results I was able to obtain. I managed to film enough throughout the year to put this edit together. Thanks to everyone who helped me out this year. Locations: urban, mountain creek -NJ, keystone-CO, Mt. Hood-OR, Liberty Snowflex-VA. I feel very thankful and blessed to be able to do the things I do

How to ski switch

by JakeMuller
Nov 2015 - 19.6K views

I am taking a much more organized approach towards my "how to videos" this year. Starting this Friday, November 13th, I will be uploading a new "how to video" at noon. This will continue all the way through april. These videos will be uploaded to youtube, newschoolers, and my own website,, I will have all my updates and schedule on my website. This video was created to help anyone ski switch. I noticed a lot of people doing it wrong over the past few years of skiing and I also used to do it wrong. Skiing switch is something that any freestyle skier should learn how to do. The way I teach you will help you gain control going down the hill, it will help you look better while skiing switch, it will help you have more control while skiing down the hill, and it will help you take off jumps and land jumps better. It is important to keep in mind that it will take a lot of time and practice to get to a comfortable level. The tips I give will help get you there faster but it will probably not be a overnight change. This is part 1 to a 3 part series I will be doing. Part 2 will be about how to hit a jump switch and do a switch 180 on skis and part 3 will consist of how to hit a jump switch and how to do a switch 360 on skis.

How to hit jumps switch (switch 180)

by JakeMuller
Nov 2015 - 14.3K views

In last weeks tutorial I talked about how to ski switch correctly. I highly recommend you watching that one first. Theses tutorials build off each other and it will help a lot if you learn each step in order. I apologize if this tutorial seems a little repetitive but each tutorial will need to overlap some. Hitting jumps switch used to be something I struggled with until I watched some edits with Tom Wallisch doing switch 10's and I noticed how much he popped. Then once I applied that to myself I saw drastic improvement. I will explain, in even more detail, in next weeks tutorial how doing this will allow you to set any switch trick. Head over to for all my latest info and more edits. Enjoy!

How to do a frontside switch up on a rail

by JakeMuller
Nov 2015 - 5.2K views

Instagram: @JSteltzer

I am still going to be putting out "how to do a switch 360" but I wanted to make a few tutorials on how to do different rail tricks first because it is preseason right now. This tutorial goes through a detailed description on how to do a front switch up on skis. I go through a few different explanations on how I think it is easiest to understand. I also had my good friend Jon Steltzer help me out with explaining the best way to preform a front swap. Go give him a follow on instagram @JSteltzer. I am going to be putting up on Tuesday November 24th, How to do a backside switch up. I decided to make two separate videos for the two different switch ups to keep it a little more organized. I hope this helps you guys understand the dynamics to a frontside switch up a little more. Thanks

How to do a backside switch up

by JakeMuller
Nov 2015 - 3.8K views

I am sorry this is a few hours late, it wont happen again. This video gives a thorough description of how to do a backside switch up on rails. This video will hopefully give you some insight to back swaps.I hope you enjoy

How to hit rails

by JakeMuller
Dec 2015 - 4.8K views

This week I focused on the correct way to hit a rail on skis. Make sure if you are just learning how to do this or you have been doing this but incorrectly that you hit the rail both ways. So make sure you learn to hit it with your left foot forward and your right foot forward. I talked about how to go from never hitting any rails to learning how to hit urban style kinked rails.

I touch on the way your body should be positioned coming into the rail and how you body should be positioned on the rail.

I then go into how to fix a common problem I see which is getting off the rail but not being able to turn 90 degrees left or right. Another problem I commonly see and talked about is slipping back when you fall on.

Lastly, I taught how to hit urban and kinked rails which isn't all that difficult with the right amount of practice and patience.

I hope you guys found this helpful, I will see you next week.

How to backside surface swap

by JakeMuller
Dec 2015 - 2.7K views

I am changing up a few things with how I make my videos. Instead of making a video that is around 4-6 min long I will, instead, make a quick 1-2 min video briefly explaining the trick and that will be uploaded to youtube as well as newschoolers. If you want to watch a more in depth tutorial I will have a longer, more detailed video on

In this video I go over how to do a backside surface switch up or backside surface swap. They are more of a stylely trick and are really fun to do. If you want to learn how to do this you should probably watch how to grind on skis and then how to spin off rails on skis. While doing this trick you need to make sure you rotate your shoulders with your body. As you spin you want to make sure you bring your feet close together that way you make it around the rail. Goodluck!

How to fronstide surface swap

by JakeMuller
Jan 2016 - 354 views

Make sure to head over to in order to see the full version!

In this video I briefly explain how to do a frontside surface switch up on skis. Going into this trick you should already know how to slide boxes, rails, tubes, and maybe even handrails. You should also know how to do a frontside 270 out. It would be very helpful as well if you could do a front side switch up. Once you can do most of these approach the rail with your knees bent and even have some forward pressure on your shins. Hop on the rails and begin to scissor or pedal the rail, you need to push on your heel and that will force you to spin to the right. Once you do this you must stiffen your body and bring your skis very close. You need to bring your skis so close that when you 50/50 the rail you do not fall with a leg on either side. After you make it past the 50/50 mark begin to spread your legs back to around shoulder with apart. Make sure you allow your shoulders to drive the rotation the entire time. Good Luck!!!

How to hit rails switch //lip slide

by JakeMuller
Jan 2016 - 3.6K views

Make sure to head over to and watch the full video on how to rails switch lip slide.

I just got out to Breckenridge Colorado and in this video I go over how to hit rails switch. More specifically I teach how to get onto rails or boxs switch lip slide. Another week I will go over how to hit rails switch tails. In order to hit rails switch lip slide you must carve away from the rail then carve back in towards the rail or box; as you get to the end of the lip you need to pick up your tips and pop them over the top of the rail. You need to make sure you actually jump straight up as well as pulling your tips over the top of the rail. It is necessary for anyone trying this trick to be able to ski on rails as well as ski switch comfortably. If you are unable to do these head over to my videos and watch how to ski switch and how to grind on rails. Goodluck!

How to 540 on skis

by JakeMuller
Feb 2016 - 9.8K views

Need skis? Head over to and use my promo code - skitutorials - to get 25% off your next pair of skis! I ride the dimes in the park and couldn't be happier!!

Go check out Truman Davenport's soundcloud at Trunova, he is the one that made this sick beat I used for the edit!!!

In this video I go over how to properly 540. I start with explaining the importance of setting the trick properly with a T set just like you would a 360. There is not much of a difference going from a 360 to 540. You literally just have to throw a 360 and then let your body go in a way. Sometimes doing that will help you get past the mental block if you have one. Throwing a 540 on skis is super fun and once you get the rotation down good you can start grabbing in them. I started with mute grabs but there are tons of different grabs you can do. If you wait till 270 to grab and you are balanced you should be able to mix in any grab you like. Good luck!!!

How to get sponsored

by JakeMuller
Feb 2017 - 3.7K views

This is one of the biggest goals I set for myself growing up and I went about it wrong for a while. I tried sending videos out to every company seeing if any would respond, which none ever did. I should have just spent that energy working harder on my skiing abilities so that I got better.

It is imperative that you are a good role model and inspiration to others in order to think about getting sponsored. Remember you never know when someone might be watching and notice the way you act. Most companies do not want you out there partying, drinking, and smoking because that is not a good representation of their company.

The four steps I go over are:

Step 1: Having a good attitude all the time. This is important no matter what you are doing and you never know when someone is watching so it is really important you always try and be positive and encouraging

Step 2: Having a good work ethic, it's super important you have a good work ethic. Companies want to see you working hard all the time, that is what will help set you apart from others.

Step 3: Have results. Having results shows companies what you have already accomplished which could be helpful or hurtful. Having a lot of awesome results (tons of views on videos and good comp results) will dramatically increase your chances of getting sponsored.

Step 4: Being charismatic. Being a likable person is really important so that companies feel you are a valuable asset to their company. This also helps with networking, knowing people is extremely helpful in getting sponsored; so if you do not know anyone, go to ski shops and ask for reps contact info that way you can start to get to know people.