by PaniertnCircus
Oct 2013 - 1.1K views

Threw together the best shots of season 2012/13 including urban and park skiing. Like the title of my video and the song i choose for it says, I always try to cross the lines in skiing and bring something different and unique to the sport. Hope u guys like how it turned out the past season!


by PaniertnCircus
Nov 2013 - 1.1K views

Our preseason so far - the PCrew is back in the game with one of our best edits yet. This season we want to go harder, faster and bigger than we ever did and thats what our first episode shows pretty good we think. We also decided on working with different types of music and to bring variation to the table. We are skiing from day one and are spending every god damn weekend on the mountains. We just love the sport and hope that people can recognize this in our edits.

DEVOTION - Official Trailer

by PaniertnCircus
May 2014 - 1.6K views

When I think about the last 7 months there come a lot of pictures to my mind, mostly good but also some bad ones. The season 2013/14 was affected by little snow and there was literally no snow in the cities and valleys all winter long. Two members of our crew had a torn ACL right at the beginning of the new year and weren't able to ski the rest of the winter, which wasn't only a lost for themselves, but for the whole crew as well. Beside that, I can say I had the greatest season ever with the most fun times I can think of. Despite the lack of snow we were able to get some urban and also some backcountry shots and, of course, filmed a lot in several terrain parks all across Tyrol. "Devotion" should give you a slight view in the life of a group of young progressive skiers and show the fun we have eveyday when we are out there. Skiing isn't just a sport for us, it's our way of living, our DEVOTION.

Zeppelin x Kaar - Seventh Heaven

by PaniertnCircus
Jul 2014 - 4K views

All my best shots of season 13/14 in one edit, this time with sum different music and editing. For me its important to try out new things therefore I chose sum classic rock from led zeppelin for this edit because I can relate and think it goes well with my skiing, hope u like it aswell.

The Resurrection of Gucci

by PaniertnCircus
Sep 2014 - 1.9K views

Mario Gugglberger aka Gucci is a wild kid and progressed his skiing a lot last season, talking about technique and style as well. Check out his full part in our first movie 'DEVOTION', coming this fall.


by PaniertnCircus
Dec 2014 - 1.4K views

Here it is - a bigger project, longer plan and the first official online movie by Paniertn Circus: DEVOTION. Devotion is not like a casual ski movie, it's not even a ski movie at all. It's a lifestyle film, showing the life of 6 guys who love to ski. But not only skiing, we also like to get fucked up, surf the clouds, skate in Barcelona, jump off cliffs and just enjoy the world with all the possibilities that it can offer to you, especially when you are young and wild. And that's the thing we wanted to show you with this movie. Some facts about us: We are no professionals, not with skiing, not with filming or editing. We have 1 camera, 3 objectives, a slidecam (that we actually don't use often), a crappy tripod and a microphone. We edit on a shitty little laptop with 1 cutting programme which crashes 3 out of 5 times. We have 1 bungee and have never shot street at night (hopefully this year). However, we love what we do and have fun everytime we go out. And that's what counts. The movie will doubtless speaks for itself, so I won't tell you much more now. Just watch it and have an opinion. Although we all hope that you will like it, share it and tell your friends about it, so that more and more people get to know us. That would be great. words by Christoph Kaar


by PaniertnCircus
Mar 2015 - 705 views

no snow without water
no skiing without snow
no fun without skiing

simple as that.

Now watch the fucking edit.

INTERMONDI - Official Trailer

by PaniertnCircus
Jun 2015 - 2K views

PaniertnCircus proudly presents the trailer for our second online movie, dropping fall 2015. This year we had the chance to ski and film a lot and are mad stoked on how it turned out. The main idea was to create something really innovative and new and we think, we can bring that thought to reality. Hope you guys love it as much as we do and can share that feeling.


by PaniertnCircus
Dec 2015 - 2.8K views

This is an not-so-usual urban ski film from Tyrol, Austria. Actually we think it is something you have never seen before. We did this all by ourselves and with absolute zero money. But fuck money. May the ski community feel it, spread it, appreciate it. We have done that for yall!

christschns greatest hits 15/16

by PaniertnCircus
Sep 2016 - 508 views

Chris Kaar aka Christschn got the time to throw together all of his greatest hits in the park of season 15/16. May it gets you stoked for some good white!

Thanks Lib-Tech, Electric, Blue-Tomato and Haexa Snow.

A postcard from Dstone

by PaniertnCircus
Jul 2017 - 1.1K views

We had the chance to ski in July so here is one day at the Superpark Dachstein. Weather was kinda sketchy but we managed to get some tricks on film.

Thanks to:
x Superpark Dachstein -
x QParks -
x Blue-Tomato -
x Lib-Tech Skis -

Christoph Kaar @chris_kaar
Philipp Kaar @p_kaar
Jannis Hoffmann @jannis_hoffi

Artist: Santogold
Song: L.E.S. Artistes
Album: Santogold
Buy the album on iTunes :
or Amazon :


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Dec 2017 - 1.5K views

Our third full-lenght ski movie is NOT ONLY about skiing. With a healthful dosage of self-criticism it tells the story of an almost-grown-up, trying to answer the everyday question: "What is it worth to spend time on?".

featuring Simon Loitzl, Lukas Cairns, Patrick D. Concha, Philipp Kaar, Christoph Kaar and guest appearences of Luis Blechner, Marlon Zülch, Tobias Bretzke, Alex Hasslwanter and more.

A film by Philipp and Christoph Kaar.

Music by Car Seat Headrest - Times To Die

With love from Innsbruck.

The PC Crew

Thanks to Lib Tech Ski & Blue Tomato.


by PaniertnCircus
Jan 2018 - 2.6K views


Our third full-lenght ski movie is NOT ONLY about skiing. With a healthful dosage of self-criticism it tells the story of an almost-grown-up, living on his own, trying to answer the everyday question: "What is it worth to spend time on?".

A film by Christoph & Philipp Kaar, featuring the skiing of

| Simon Loitzl |
| Alex Hasslwandter |
| Patrick Concha |
| Lukas Cairns |
| Marlon Zuelch |
| Torge Nagel |
| Tobias Bretzke |
| Philipp Loitzl |
| Philipp Kaar |
| Luis Blechner |
| Christoph Kaar |

This movie is an non-profit indie film from Innsbruck, Tyrol (Austria). It's a two-years project which has no commercial purposes/backgrounds. We do not sell anything and do not receive money from sponsors or third-persons. We do not own any of the rights to the music in this video. This video is only intended to promote the recreational activity called skiing.


Tracklist (in order of appearence):

1. Car Seat Headrest - "Reuse the cells" -
2. Atlas - "Defeated" -
3. M83 - "Do it, try it" (Blaze Remix) -
4. All them witches - "3-5-7" -
6. Car Seat Headrest - "Maud Gone"
5. Sro - "Lost Jack" -
7. Chanca Via Circuito - "Sueno en Paraguay" -
8. Yellow Days - "Gap in the clouds" -
9. Dru Down - "Can you feel me"
10. Future Island - "Long Flight" -
11. Car Seat Headrest - "Destroyed by Hippie Powers" -
12. Gateway Drug ft. Fuck You - "Summertime" -

Support the artists, buy their music!


A "Paniertn Circus" Film (ig: @paniertn_circus, fb: Paniertn Circus)
Produced by "a Twin Thing Film Production" (ig: @a_twinthingfilm, fb:

Concept and Story: Christoph Kaar, Philipp Kaar
Acting: Philipp Kaar
Art Direction (Visual effects, animations): Philipp Kaar
Voiceover: Christoph Kaar
Editing: Christoph Kaar, Philipp Kaar
Filming: Christoph Kaar, Philipp Kaar
Additional filming: Lukas Cairns, Patrick Concha, Simon Loitzl, Torge Nagel, Alex Hasslwandter

Mainly shot in Tyrol, in the regions around the capital Innsbruck. Summer footage shot in Portugal, Algarve.

Thanks to Lib-Tech Ski ( and Blue-Tomato (


"Let's celebrate for the good times we had, and those that will follow!" - With much love from the whole crew, we do this for everyone who is involved in this great community. May this movie gets you hyped, happy, sad, thought-provoking. We are sure that everybody will find his own answer to the question: "What is it worth to spend time on?"

with love
- The PC Crew