T.O.S.S entry "The Gaper Sqaud"

by broto
Feb 2011 - 3.5K views

My home mountain had a week long comp based off of JOSS called the Toggenburg Super Sessions, or TOSS. We had one week to film, edit, and upload your videos, with 1 skier, 1 boarder, and a grom. This is my team's (The Gaper Sqaud) entry. We came in 2nd place by 1 point out of 300. shot with a T2i and a gopro

Summer preview

by broto
Jun 2011 - 2.1K views

Little session by myself in the early beginnings of summer. filmed, edited, and skiing all by ben rotondo. SKIP TO :19!!!!!!! i screwed up the timeline on FCP and it put 19 seconds of blank in the beginning, sorry! filmed on a gopro HD at 720p 60fps

Summer skiing and good vibes

by broto
Jun 2011 - 1.9K views

Two days of sessions with keith carter and nate GD, good times were had, and hopefully more, better edits to come.

song is fire it up by modest mouse, and it was shot on a gopro HD and t2i with the kit lens.

first cork edit!

by broto
Jan 2012 - 805 views

best saturday i've had in a while. nice soft park, slippery rails and sick jumps for some progression. went for a cork 7 and got it second try, crazy stoked!

7 of 8 fourfifties

by broto
Feb 2013 - 2.6K views

i spin left naturally grind left foot forward naturally. managed to get seven solid. tried to get the eighth until my cam died and got a sketchy 3 out so i didn't put it in. shout out to knee deep company.

Groovy Laps

by broto
Feb 2014 - 408 views

half a day of filming in heavenly's groove park. nothin too crazy goin down just some good vibes

Ben Rotondo - BOGO

by broto
Nov 2018 - 565 views

Two for the price of one. My favorite park shots from the last two seasons. Thanks to all the homies who pointed a cam in my direction!