ZAHNER's Videos

Rockmon Memorial Sessions

May 2016 - 6.7K views

Made in dedication to Eric Richardson.
Big thanks to everyone who showed up and threw down for Eric. Here's a recap of pump track, and the Memorial session.

shot/ cut: Pat Brown/ Sam Zahner
Additional footage provided by All Mountain Media


Dec 2015 - 13.6K views

Been stuck back east, living in NJ this fall. Made a few trips up to Killington and Mount snow in VT, as well as Big Boulder in PA. Despite the lack of snow, I was still able to toss something together! Thanks to everyone who helped film. Justin Mcpartland, Mark Hendry, Alex Keimel, & Chris Dejohn

Molesquad Ep 2.1 SapphFire

Dec 2015 - 10.6K views

The squad puttin' back the Bombay Saph and laying the gas for the start of the second season. Rest in peace Heaterson. This seasons for you G! #heatforheaterson

@mole.squad @mikecappola @rrbskis @user_boo @alexanderkeimel

Additional Filming : Igor Banaszuk

Molesquad X BEheadwear | Abasin day two

Oct 2015 - 1.6K views

Bluetooth Beanies are the future, and the future is now. We are too hyped to be working with BEheadwear this season. BEheadwear is an innovative company that specializes in beanies and facemasks with Bluetooth speakers inside the ears. Charge the hat, connect to your phone or bluetooth device, and hit play! These hats BUMP, so go check them out at You will NOT be disappointed. Here's a promotional video @patlusty put together of @rrbskis and @mikecappola. check it.

Rob Bittner Season 14-15

Sep 2015 - 3.5K views

Reppin Keystone steady, Molesquad comin at ya hard in 2016

S.I.P Heaterson!! This seasons for you homie!!!
@Slantskis @beheadwear @roxaboots @noahspenglerltd

SamZahner season 14-15

Aug 2015 - 10.7K views

Recap of my past winter. Follow me on insta: @samzahner. Big thanks to all the sponsors, Bloom, Ehoto, Monster and Revision skis for hooking it up all season long.

Eric Richardson Season 14-15 SIP!

Aug 2015 - 16.7K views

Cut together Rockmons best shots from this past season. It was a great one. Not gonna be the same without Eric, he always had the most energy and was constantly stoked on life. Best believe were goin in next year just for you man! Rest easy, ski in peace.

Game of moles: Mike Vs. Sam

Apr 2015 - 8.5K views

The first installment of Games of moles, Chaboy Capps and Sizzla Sam goin at it on a sunny day at Keystone. Film: Shiro Hatori & Igor Banaszuk. Edit: Shiro Hatori.