Winter 10/11

by AK_Media
Mar 2011 - 3.3K views

Here at the small hill of Campgaw NJ, we put together a pretty kickin park. It has only been our second year with a park crew and we strive to do better. This includes riding threw the park with the locals to our end of the season slopestyle. Enjoy

Sick Timelapses

by AK_Media
Sep 2011 - 1.5K views

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Time-lapsing is the true test to patience and is one of the more rewarding aspects of filming. This short film was my first shot at time-lapsing with interval pictures, and I learned a lot about my camera and it's capabilities. I know some of my shots are off and have a bit of lighting/shaking problems, but it was my first time, and next time, it will be even better, with a better tripod! I hope you enjoy, I put a lot of hours into this little film, and I think it paid off. Special thanks to everyone coming out to hang for the all the hours filming, and special special thanks to Travis Rollins. I dont know many people that would meet me at Campgaw at 5am, to hike from the closed gate to the top of Gaw

Backyard Rails

by AK_Media
Nov 2011 - 333 views

Just an edit I made of us building and hitting our rail in the October snowfall. Focus more on the filming and editing because the riding is not so great haha, enjoy!

Mike Galdi- Short yet Productive season

by AK_Media
Feb 2012 - 616 views

About 6 months ago I was approached by Mr.Galdi to film his season edit, and I was more then enthused to do so. I was excited to have the chance to film a skier talented enough to throw huge tricks and wow people. Unfortunately, his season was cut short, and although we only had 3 days of filming, I was able to scrap together a solid 3 minutes of enjoyment. It only goes to show you that it didn't take much time for Galdi to throw down some sick tricks... Imagine what the season edit would've been like! I wish Mr.Galdi a speedy recovery, and maybe we will get that season edit next year, enjoy!

Mike Urich-Seven Springs

by AK_Media
Apr 2012 - 1.1K views

This is the footage from the Nike Chosen edit, and there is new footage that didn't make the first cut. I wanted to reedit this footage into more of a traditional edit and use a song I liked. Enjoy!

Beast Coast : Chapter I

by AK_Media
Jan 2013 - 9.7K views

Three mountains, two days, and two skiers. Beast Coast showcases some of New Jersey's up and coming park skiers. Samuel Zahner (16) and Mike Galdi (19) throw down hard in three separate parks located on the East Coast. Enjoy the very first installment of Beast Coast! Like us on Facebook,

Beast Coast : Chapter II

by AK_Media
Feb 2013 - 6K views

We went back at it. Beast Coast is a new web series showcasing up and coming park skiers from the East Coast. Watch Michael Cappola (17), Mike Urich (22), and Sam Zahner (16) shred some of the East Coast's premier parks. Special thanks to Epic Planks for sponsoring the series helping us travel to various mountains. Enjoy!

Beast Coast : Fails

by AK_Media
Mar 2013 - 3.5K views

Although we film each chapter in a span of a few days, there are still plenty of falls, crashes and mishaps. Enjoy this montage of some of Beast Coast's finest fails!

Beast Coast : Chapter III

by AK_Media
Apr 2013 - 6.3K views

We start this chapter off on the East Coast, riding with Cody Gushlaw and Samuel Zahner. However, for this chapter we bounced out West as the inevitable snow melt begun. There, Sam Zahner, Chris Zembrzuski and myself met up with Mike Galdi to hit up Breckenridge Ski Resort. We filmed over the course of three days. Although it was an absolute treat to go out West and stack tons of footage, our trip was in a way, cursed. We lost two skiers due to injuries, I got chased/fined by Breckenridge Security and than to top it all off, I lost some footage. The footage I lost was mainly of Mr. Galdi, on one of the days he threw down the hardest, but we were able to replace that footage thanks to his brother! So with that being said, enjoy The Finale! Like us on Facebook

Beast Coast : Mountain Creek Edition

by AK_Media
May 2013 - 1.1K views

Mountain Creek is holding a video contest for the best edit filmed at their mountain. All the action shots were filmed at Creek. This is all footage from the Beast Coast series, so if you have seen them, don't expect new content, rather new editing. Regardless, enjoy!

Beast Coast - Fails: Part II

by AK_Media
Oct 2013 - 5.5K views

In this edit we find out the dirty truth behind Chris's broken arm. Enjoy the second installment of Beast Coast Fails as we display some epic crashes, footage that never made the final cut, and some funny moments. Prepare for Season II..!

Beast Coast: Season II- Chapter One

by AK_Media
Jan 2014 - 5.7K views

Not one sunny day, not one damn ray of sunlight. Beast Coast returns for its second season in a brand new Chapter One. New year, new season, new talent. Beast Coast was started to showcase up and coming skiers here on the East Coast with the end goal of getting them exposure. Seeing how last year's season got publicity in an unbelievable way, I was extremely excited to get some new names on board. I'd like to welcome Jake Muller and Casey Arnold for teaming up with us. They both threw down, bringing their own style to the edit. Let us not forget Cody Gushlaw and Sam Zahner, both coming into this season with an extensive amount of new tricks. The episode was filmed over three very cloud days in some of the East Coast's finest parks. Enjoy!

Beast Coast: Season II- Chapter Two

by AK_Media
Mar 2014 - 4K views

Hey look, sun.. Different pace for the second chapter as we head up north to VT. We skied, we filmed and the internet crashed so I couldn't get this to you sooner. Skiers include Samuel Zahner, Casey Arnold, Jake Muller and Cody Gushlaw. Enjoy!

Beast Coast: S.2- Chapter III

by AK_Media
May 2014 - 3.4K views

As the snow melted we traveled from the east coast out west in search of skiing. Since we focused so much on Breck last year, we decided to check out Keystone. Great park, warm temps and prime spring conditions, this is what we came up with. Enjoy! Presented by Bloom Outerwear- Batalla Skis- Digit Snow Poles-

2013 Demo Reel

by AK_Media
May 2014 - 412 views

I started my pursuit in film by making ski edits at my local hill. I'm so thankful for the people who invest their time watching my work and I hope you enjoy.

Andrew Keyser: Dill the Dew | Green Label Studios: Open Call | Mountain Dew

by AK_Media
Jul 2014 - 674 views

This year at SXSW, Mtn Dew issued a call for aspiring filmmakers to show us how they Do The DEW. Up for grabs? A $250,000 production grant and the chance to be an official content creator for DEW. Hundreds of entries were received, and nine finalists were selected to receive $10,000 to create a unique short film about DEW that was featured at the Green Label Studios: Open Call Film Festival in NYC. In this final selection, Andrew Keyser tells the story of Dill and his decades long passion for skate in ?Dill the DEW ? The Story of Delbert Cunning.?